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  1. Synthesis, crystal structure, vibrational study, optical properties and Hirshfeld surface analysis of a new centrosymmetric hybrid material, bis(3-aminoquinolium) tetrachloridocobaltate (II)
  2. Synthesis, crystal structure, optical, thermal and magnetic studies of a new organic-inorganic hybrid based on tetrachloroferrate (III)
  3. Ru-substitution effect on the FeSe2 thin films properties
  4. Structural characterization and physicochemical features of new coordination polymer homopiperazine-1,4-diium tetrachlorocadmate(II)
  5. Synthesis, characterization and structural study of new vanadium complexes with phenolic oxime ligands
  6. Synthesis, crystal structure, vibrational study, optical properties and thermal behavior of a new hybrid material bis(3-amino-4-phenyl-1H-pyrazolium) tetrachloridocobaltate (II) monohydrate
  7. A new luminescent organic-inorganic hybrid material based on cadmium iodide
  8. Synthesis, crystal structure, hirshfeld surface analysis, spectroscopic, optical and thermal behavior of new organic-inorganic hybrid material (C7H11N2)2[CrCl2(H2O)4]Cl3·2H2O
  9. Synthesis, crystal structure, vibrational and optical properties of chlorometalate hybrids incorporating (DABCOH2)2+ cations
  10. Synthesis, Conformational Analysis and Crystal Structure of New Thioxo, Oxo, Seleno Diastereomeric Cyclophosphamides Containing 1,3,2-dioxaphosphorinane
  11. Crystal structure of tris(2,2′-bipyridine)cobalt(II) bis(1,1,3,3-tetracyano-2-ethoxypropenide)
  12. Synthesis, crystal structures, substitutional and comparative structural analysis of copper diphosphates LiNaCuP2O7, LiKCuP2O7 and Rb0.5Na1.5CuP2O7
  13. New Hybrid Material: (C3H6N3)4Bi2Cl10. Synthesis, Structural Study and Spectroscopic Behavior
  14. A new cadmium coordination polymer based on 4-amino-4H-1,2,4-triazole
  15. Crystal structure of KNaCuP2O7, a new member of the diphosphate family
  16. Temperature dependence of excitonic emission in [(CH3)2NH2]3[BiI6] organic–inorganic natural self assembled bimodal quantum dots
  17. New mixed aluminium–chromium diarsenate
  18. Bis(imidazo[1,2-a]pyridin-1-ium) tetrachloridocuprate(II) dihydrate
  19. ChemInform Abstract: Crystal Structure of a New Hybrid Compound Based on an Iodidoplumbate(II) Anionic Motif.
  20. Crystal structure of a new hybrid compound based on an iodidoplumbate(II) anionic motif
  21. ChemInform Abstract: Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Ionic Conductivity of a New Open-Framework Arsenate K0.405Bi0.865AsO4.
  22. Crystal structure of the new hybrid material bis(1,4-diazoniabicyclo[2.2.2]octane) di-μ-chlorido-bis[tetrachloridobismuthate(III)] dihydrate
  23. Synthesis and structural studies of a new complex ofcatena-poly[p-anisidinium [[diiodidobismuthate(III)]-di-μ-iodido] dihydrate]
  24. This is a new chromium cesium diarsenate member family.
  25. ChemInform Abstract: Crystal Structure of a New Hybrid Antimony-Halide-Based Compound for Possible Non-linear Optical Applications.
  26. structure of CsCrAs2O7
  27. Synthesis, Infrared (IR) Spectroscopy and Single Crystal Structural Study of a New Arsenate Cs7Fe7O2(AsO4)8
  28. Crystal structure of bis(2-amino-5-chloropyridinium) tetrachloridocobaltate(II)
  29. Synthesis and Structural Studies of a New Complex of Di[hexabromobismuthate (III)] 2,5-Propylaminepyrazinium [C10H28N4]Bi2Br10
  30. New Quasi-One-Dimensional Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Material: 1,3-Bis(4-piperidinium)propane Pentachlorobismuthate(III) Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Spectroscopic Studies
  31. Tris(2,2′-bipyridine)iron(II) bis(1,1,3,3-tetracyano-2-ethoxypropenide) dihydrate: chiral hydrogen-bonded frameworks interpenetrate in three dimensions
  32. 1,4-Diazoniabicyclo[2.2.2]octane tetrachloridocadmate(II) monohydrate
  33. 1-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)piperazine-1,4-diium tetrachloridocobalt(II) monohydrate
  34. The aluminoarsenate Na1.67K1.33Al3(AsO4)4
  35. Rietveld structural refinement of «A» type phosphostrontium carbonate hydroxyapatites
  36. Structural analysis by Rietveld refinement of calcium and lanthanum phosphosilicate apatites
  37. Investigation of structural and optical properties of the sulfosalt SnSb4S7 thin films
  38. Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Characterization of a New Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Material:
  39. Bis(1,4-diazoniabicyclo[2.2.2]octane) di-μ-chlorido-bis[tetrachloridoantimonate(III)] dihydrate
  40. Study of structural and electrical properties of zinc oxide and Al-doped zinc oxide thin films deposited by DC sputtering
  41. Crystal structure, vibrational spectra and thermal analysis of a new centrosymmetric transition metal phosphate compound, Mn(H2PO4)2⋅4H2O
  42. Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Comparative Study of a New Organic Material 3,4-Diaminobenzophenone Semihydrate
  43. Excitons imaging in hybrid organic-inorganic films
  44. Poly[bis(1-carbamoylguanidinium) [tri-μ-chlorido-dichloridobismuthate(III)]]
  45. Crystal structure of N,N,N',N'-tetramethylethylenediammonium dinitrate
  46. Effect of fluorine on the thermal stability of the magnesium–substituted hydroxyapatite
  47. Structural analysis and thermochemistry of “A” type phosphostrontium carbonate hydroxyapatites
  48. Synthesis, characterization and non-linear optical properties of Tetrakis(dimethylammonium) Bromide Hexabromobismuthate: {[(CH3)2NH2]+}4·Br−·[BiBr6]3−
  49. Optical properties and ab initio study on the hybrid organic–inorganic material [(CH3)2NH2]3[BiI6]
  50. 4-Sulfamoylanilinium chloride
  51. Synthesis, structural and optical properties of a novel bilayered organic–inorganic perovskite C5Pb2I5
  52. trans-Dichlorido(1,4,8,11-tetraazacyclotetradecane)manganese(III) tetrafluoridoborate
  53. Crystal studies, vibrational spectra and non-linear optical properties of l-histidine chloride monohydrate
  54. catena-Poly[bis(4-aminopyridinium) [[diaquamanganese(II)]-di-μ-chlorido] dichloride]
  55. Crystal structure, vibrational spectra and theoretical studies of l-histidinium dihydrogen phosphate-phosphoric acid
  56. Lifetime Achievement Award shortlist: Professor Sir Magdi Habib Yacoub
  57. Crystal Structure of 1,12-Diammoniumdodecane dichloride monohydrate: (C12H30N2)2+·2Cl-·H2O
  58. Structural, vibrational and theoretical studies of l-histidine bromide
  59. Vibrational and optical properties of a one‐dimensional organic–inorganic crystal [C6H14N]PbI3
  60. X-ray diffraction, vibrational and photoluminescence studies of the self-organized quantum well crystal H3N(CH2)6NH3PbBr4
  61. Synthesis, Structural Characterization, and Cation Transport of Tripotassium Pentabismuth Arsenate K3Bi5(AsO4)6
  62. Structural, vibrational and ab initio studies of l-histidine oxalate
  63. Tripotassium Trichrome (III) Tetraphosphate K3Cr3(PO4)4: Synthèse, Étude Structurale, Caractérisation et Conductivité Ionique
  64. Garnet-type Li2.44K0.56Cr2(AsO4)3
  65. NASICON-type Li2.5K0.16Na0.34Cr2(PO4)3
  66. Tripotassium dibismuth(III) tris[arsenate(V)], K3Bi2(AsO4)3
  67. Preparation and the Crystal Structure of Non-centrosymmetric K6Bi2(P2O7)3
  68. Tripotassium trichromium (III) tetraarsenate K3Cr3(ASO4)4: synthesis, structural study, IR spectroscopy characterization and ionic behavior
  69. Crystal structure and cation transport properties of the layered monodiphosphates Rb6Bi4(PO4)2(P2O7)3
  70. Na3Cr2(AsO4)3: trisodium dichromium(III) triarsenate
  71. Crystal structure of tripotassium dibismuth phosphate, K3Bi2(PO4)3
  72. Tripotassium trichromium(III) tetraarsenate K3Cr3(AsO4)4Synthesis and structural study
  73. Structure et propriétés magnétiques du composé NH4Fe3(H2PO4)6(HPO4)2,4H2O
  74. ChemInform Abstract: Na5Bi2(AsO4) (As2O7)2.
  75. Préparation et structure cristalline d'un nouveau bis-diphosphate de bismuth et de sodium Na5Bi(P2O7)2
  76. ChemInform Abstract: Cs2V3 (As0,635V0,365)4O17.
  77. Na5Bi2(AsO4)(As2O7)2
  78. Cs2V3(As0,635V0,365)4O17
  79. The Khellin Quinone. Erratum
  80. Préparation et structure cristalline d’un nouvel Oxyarséniate de chrome et de rubidium: Rb2Cr2O(AsO4)2
  81. ChemInform Abstract: Na4Ce(As2O7)2.
  82. ChemInform Abstract: K3Al2As1.92P1.08O12.
  83. Na4Ce(As2O7)2
  84. K3Al2As1,92P1,08O12
  85. ChemInform Abstract: KAlAs2O7.
  86. KAlAs2O7
  87. Professor Ren�e Habib
  88. ChemInform Abstract: Structure of RbAlAs2O7.
  89. Structure de RbAlAs2O7
  90. ChemInform Abstract: Preparation and Crystallographic Data for Four New Pyroarsenates MAlAs2O7 (M: K, Rb, Tl, Cs).