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  1. Outdoor air pollution is associated with anemia in preschool children
  2. lepidium meyenii, sperm count
  3. Correcting the cut-off point of hemoglobin at high altitude
  4. Red maca extract and its effects over hormone receptors expression in Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
  5. Effect of butanolic fraction of maca in sperm count
  6. Higher androgen bioactivity is associated with excessive erythrocytosis and chronic mountain sickness in Andean Highlanders: a review
  7. Increased levels of serum γ-glutamyltransferase and uric acid on metabolic, hepatic and kidney parameters in subjects at high altitudes
  8. Pregnancy outcomes associated with Cesarean deliveries in Peruvian public health facilities
  9. Resistance of Sperm Motility to Serum Testosterone in Men with Excessive Erythrocytosis at High Altitude
  10. Aromatase Activity After a Short-course of Letrozole Administration in Adult Men at Sea Level and at High Altitude (with or without Excessive Erythrocytosis)