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  1. Soil Carbon Sequestration in Crop Production
  2. Can Cowpea Intercropped Maize-Based System with Inclusion of Short Cycle Winter Crop through Soil Moisture Conservation Practices Enhance Crop, Water, Energy Productivity and Soil Health under Long Term Organic Management?
  3. Can conservation tillage and residue management enhance energy use efficiency and sustainability of rice-pea system in the Eastern Himalayas?
  4. Impact of no-till and mulching on soil carbon sequestration under rice (Oryza sativa L.)-rapeseed (Brassica campestris L. var. rapeseed) cropping system in hilly agro-ecosystem of the Eastern Himalayas, India
  5. Soil carbon dynamics and productivity of rice–rice system under conservation tillage in submerged and unsubmerged ecologies of Eastern Indian Himalaya
  6. Effect of supplementary feeding on growth responses of endangered Indian butter catfish (Ompok bimaculatus) in polyculture
  7. Book review
  8. Legumes for Soil Health and Sustainable Management
  9. Amino Acid: Its Dual Role as Nutrient and Scavenger of Free Radicals in Soil
  10. Energy budgeting for designing sustainable and environmentally clean/safer cropping systems for rainfed rice fallow lands in India
  11. Seaweed extract as organic bio-stimulant improves productivity and quality of rice in eastern Himalayas
  12. Phosphate Solubilizing Microorganisms, Principles and Application of Microphos Technology
  13. Green Nanotechnology is a Key for Eco-friendly Agriculture
  14. Performances of groundnut varieties under sub-tropical climate of North East Hilly Agro-Ecological Region of India
  15. Role of Organic Sources of Nutrients in Rice (Oryza sativa) Based on High Value Cropping Sequence
  16. Agronomic evaluation of mulching and iron nutrition on productivity, nutrient uptake, iron use efficiency and economics of aerobic rice-wheat cropping system
  17. Growth and production of endangered Indian butter catfish,Ompok bimaculatus(Bloch) at different stocking densities in earthen ponds
  18. Effect of organic nitrogen sources on growth, yield, quality, water productivity and economics of rice (Oryza sativaL.) under different planting methods in mid-hills of Sikkim Himalayas
  19. Influence of tillage and organic nutrient management practices on productivity, profitability and energetics of vegetable pea (Pisum sativumL.) in rice-vegetable pea sequence under hilly ecosystems of north-east India
  20. A Review on Recycling of Sunflower Residue for Sustaining Soil Health