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  1. Elevational deixis in the Kiranti verb
  2. Simulative derivations in crosslinguistic perspective and their diachronic sources
  3. Associated motion in Manchu in typological perspective
  4. Egophoric marking and person indexation in Japhug
  5. Review of Hill (2019): The Historical Phonology of Tibetan, Burmese, and Chinese
  6. Phylogenies based on lexical innovations refute the Rung hypothesis
  7. Tangut as a West Gyalrongic language
  8. Save the trees
  9. Verbal Valency and Japhug / Tibetan Language Contact
  10. Bipartite verbs in Japhug and other Trans-Himalayan languages
  11. A cross-linguistic rarity in synchrony and diachrony
  12. A note on volitional and non-volitional prefixes in Gyalrong languages
  13. Complementation in Japhug Gyalrong
  14. Reflexive paradigms in Khaling
  15. How Many *-s Suffixes in Old Chinese? (古漢語有多少個 -s 後綴?)
  16. From ergative to comparee marker
  17. Tangut, Gyalrongic, Kiranti and the nature of person indexation in Sino-Tibetan/Trans-Himalayan
  18. Le sino-tibétain: polysynthétique ou isolant ?
  19. The spontaneous-autobenefactive prefix in Japhug Rgyalrong
  20. Review of Ding (2014): A grammar of Pumi
  21. 卡嶺語動詞的派生形態
  22. The origin of the causative prefix in Rgyalrong languages and its implication for proto-Sino-Tibetan reconstruction
  23. Clause linking in Japhug
  24. The auditory demonstrative in Khaling
  25. Denominal affixes as sources of antipassive markers in Japhug Rgyalrong
  26. On pre-Tibetan semi-vowels
  27. Harmonization and disharmonization of affix ordering and basic word order
  28. Ideophones in Japhug (Rgyalrong)
  29. The sound change *s- > n- in Arapaho
  30. Historical transfer of nasality between consonantal onset and vowel
  31. An Internal Reconstruction of Tibetan Stem Alternations1
  32. The Tangut Kinship System in Qiangic Perspective
  33. Approaching the historical phonology of three highly eroded Sino-Tibetan languages
  34. Review of Kane (2009): The Khitan Language and Script
  35. The origin of the reflexive prefix in Rgyalrong languages
  36. A Preliminary Study of Tanhai Konyak historical phonology
  37. Argument demotion in Japhug Rgyalrong