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  1. State of the art on Fe precipitation in porous media
  2. Iron transformation in a coastal groundwater system
  3. Dynamic effects in soil water retention curves
  4. State-of-the-art on Fe Precipitation in Porous Media
  5. Impacts of Tidal Oscillations on Coastal Groundwater System in Reclaimed Land
  6. Mixed-Mode Fracture Propagation in Concrete SCCD
  7. Land utilization types on groundwater: a case study of Huocheng plain, Xinjiang, China
  8. Measurement of In-Situ Flow Rate in Borehole by Heat Pulse Flowmeter
  9. Investigate Effects of Solute Concentrations and Gas Injection Rates on Gas Bubble Generation
  10. Intrinsic permeabilities of transparent soil under various aqueous environmental conditions
  11. Investigating scale effects in soil water retention curve via spatial time domain reflectometry
  12. Discrete bubble flow in granular porous media via multiphase computational fluid dynamic simulation
  13. Two-phase displacement in 2D porous media
  14. The technical challenges for applying unsaturated soil sensors
  15. Forchheimer and Darcy flow in a transparent water-based soil surrogate
  16. Transient two-phase flow in porous media
  17. Discovery of dynamic two-phase flow in porous media
  18. Application of spatial time domain reflectometry
  19. Mesoscopic model framework for liquid slip in a confined parallel-plate flow channel
  20. Discrete microbubbles flow in transparent porous media
  21. A strip footing on geosynthetic-reinforced sand
  22. Pore-scale simulations
  23. Relative permeability of a porous medium
  24. Application of Image Analysis on Ground Displacement
  25. Quantification of soil state variables using electromagnetic methods
  26. Dynamic Effect in Capillary Pressure
  27. An experimental platform for measuring soil water characteristic curve
  28. Size distribution measurement for densely binding bubbles via image analysis
  29. Discrete microbubbles flow in transparent porous soils
  30. Transient two-phase flow in granular porous media: Multiscale experimental and numerical investigations of scale and dynamic effects in soil water retention behaviour