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  1. Anti-ultraviolet and anti-static modification of polyethylene terephthalate fabrics with graphene nanoplatelets by a high-temperature and high-pressure inlaying method
  2. A new acrylamide- glyoxal-based, formaldehyde-free elastic and stiffness finishing process for silk fabric
  3. A novel method to bind soybean protein onto the surface of poly(ethylene terephthalate) fabric
  4. A novel reactive anti-ultraviolet finishing of cotton fabric based on N-dihydroxy ethylene cyanoguanidine
  5. Mild surface modification of para-aramid fiber
  6. Colorant-free coloration and superhydrophilic modification of poly(ethylene terephthalate) fabric surface by H2O2 and nano-TiO2 ultraviolet photocatalysis
  7. The accelerating effect of a small cationic quaternary ammonium compound and the adsorption kinetics in the dyeing of silk with reactive dyes