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  1. Prioritizing health leadership capabilities in Canada
  2. Policy lessons from physicians’ strikes
  3. What we learned from the Dust Bowl: lessons in science, policy, and adaptation
  4. Implementing Lean Health Reforms in Saskatchewan
  5. Health Care Cost Containment Strategies Used In Four Other High-Income Countries Hold Lessons For The United States
  6. Stakeholder Opinions on a Transformational Model of Pain Management in Long-Term Care
  7. Physician Resistance and the Forging of Public Healthcare: A Comparative Analysis of the Doctors’ Strikes in Canada and Belgium in the 1960s
  8. A House Divided: Deinstitutionalization, Medicare and the Canadian Mental Health Association in Saskatchewan, 1944-1964
  9. The Early Northwest: History of the Prairie West Series Volume 1 edited by Gregory P.Marchildon,Canadian Plains Research Center, University of Regina, 2008, vii + 504 pp., cloth C$29.95 (ISBN 978‐0‐88977‐207‐6)
  10. Health Care
  11. Practice Guidelines for Assessing Pain in Older Persons with Dementia Residing in Long-Term Care Facilities
  12. Institutional Fit and Interplay in a Dryland Agricultural Social–Ecological System in Alberta, Canada
  13. Think Tanks and the Web: Measuring Visibility and Influence
  14. The Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration: Climate Crisis and Federal–Provincial Relations during the Great Depression
  15. Transforming Long-Term Care Pain Management in North America: The Policy–Clinical Interface: Table 1
  16. Health Security in Canada: Policy Complexity and Overlap
  17. Drought and institutional adaptation in the Great Plains of Alberta and Saskatchewan, 1914–1939
  18. Infostructure and the Revitalization of Public Health in Canada
  19. The Chaoulli Case: A Two-Tier Magna Carta?
  20. Canadian health system reforms: lessons for Australia?
  21. History, Politics, and Transformational Change in Canadian Health Care: A Rejoinder.
  22. The Public/Private Debate in the Funding, Administration and Delivery of Healthcare in Canada
  23. Psychological services and the future of health care in Canada.
  24. Canadian-American Agricultural Trade Relations: A Brief History
  25. Profits and Politics: Beaverbrook and the Gilded Age of Canadian Finance. By Gregory P. Marchildon. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1996. Pp. xvi, 348. $39.00.
  26. DORAN, Charles E. et Gregory P. MARCHILDON, dir. The NAFTA Puzzle. Political Parties and Trade in North America. Boulder, Westview Press, 1994, 272p.
  27. ‘Hands Across the Water’: Canadian Industrial Financiers in the City of London, 1905–20
  28. Canadian Multinationals and International Finance: Past and Present
  29. Book Reviews
  30. British Investment Banking and Industrial Decline before the Great War: A Case Study of Capital Outflow to Canadian Industry
  31. A New View of Canadian Business History
  32. Chronic Pain in Elderly Persons
  33. War, Revolution and the Great Depression in the Global Wheat Trade, 1917–39