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  1. Understanding Vapor and Solution Phase Corrosion of Lubricants Used in Electrified Transmissions
  2. Lubricant Concepts for Electrified Vehicle Transmissions and Axles
  3. Automatic transmission fluid corrosion inhibitor interactions with copper
  4. New Perspectives on Lubricant Additive Corrosion: Comparison of Methods and Metallurgy
  5. Inefficiency predictions in a hypoid gear pair through tribodynamics analysis
  6. New Perspectives on the Temperature Dependence of Lubricant Additives on Copper Corrosion
  7. Wire resistance method for measuring the corrosion of copper by lubricating fluids
  8. An Analytical Approach for Prediction of Elastohydrodynamic Friction with Inlet Shear Heating and Starvation
  9. New Insights on the Impact of Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) Additives on Corrosion of Copper
  10. Lubrication analysis and sub-surface stress field of an automotive differential hypoid gear pair under dynamic loading
  11. Nonlinear Dynamics of an Automotive Differential Hypoid Gear Pair
  12. Corrosion control: general discussion
  13. Solid/fluid interface: general discussion
  14. Impact of Viscosity Modifiers on Gear Oil Efficiency and Durability: Part II
  15. ChemInform Abstract: Improved Synthesis of O-Linked, and First Synthesis of S-Linked, Carbohydrate Functionalized N-Carboxyanhydrides (glycoNCAs).
  16. Improved synthesis of O-linked, and first synthesis of S- linked, carbohydrate functionalised N-carboxyanhydrides (glycoNCAs)