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  1. Voluntary disclosure in emerging countries: a literature review
  2. Accounting, auditing and accountability research in Africa
  3. Professional education in South Africa is not scholarly academic action
  4. Teaching and learning
  5. Voluntary reporting of intellectual capital
  6. The institutionalisation of mining company sustainability disclosures
  7. Biodiversity reporting by New Zealand local authorities: the current state of play
  8. The accounting academic
  9. Using university websites to profile accounting academics and their research output
  10. Accounting artefacts as a means of augmenting knowledge of the past: The case of Chief Hillis Hadjo and Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Nicolls
  11. Developing a reporting and evaluation framework for biodiversity
  12. Changes to a CA Programme - Practitioners' Perspectives
  13. Changes in sustainability reporting by an African defence contractor: a longitudinal analysis
  14. Trader sailor spy: The case of John Pringle and the transfer of accounting technology to the Cape of Good Hope
  15. Calculating non‐controlling interest in the presence of goodwill impairment
  16. Accounting in the media
  17. Accountability, narrative reporting and legitimation
  18. Adding scientific rigour to qualitative data analysis: an illustrative example
  19. Introducing a Learning Portfolio in an Undergraduate Financial Accounting Course
  20. Intellectual capital reporting by the New Zealand local government sector
  21. Accounting for Inclusiveness: The Corporate Response to the Challenge of HIV/AIDS in South Africa