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  1. Tales from Shakespeare
  2. Introduction: from appropriation to collision
  3. The voyage of theRed Dragon
  4. ‘Shooting an elephant’
  5. Shakespeare and the King James Bible
  6. New Place, Stratford. Summer 1611
  7. TheCoriolanusmyth
  8. ‘The Lonely Dragon’
  9. Shakespeare and 9/11
  10. ‘Rudely interrupted’
  11. Afterword: ‘Tales from Shakespeare’
  12. Radical Shakespeare: In Memory of Terry Hawkes (1932–2014)
  13. 'Thirty Year Ago': The Complex Legacy of Political Shakespeare
  14. Review Article: Shakespeare and Perception
  15. The Demonic: Literature and Experience
  16. The unreadable Delia Bacon
  17. “A word-web woven”: Autobiography in Old English Poetry
  18. Gender and Power in Shrew-Taming Narratives, 1500–1700
  19. Shakespeare Remembered
  20. Jim Crace, Quarantine, and the Dawkins Delusion
  21. ‘The single and peculiar life’: Hamlet’s heart and the early modern subject
  22. Rome: Multiversal City: The Material and the Immaterial in Religious Tourism
  23. “Author! Author!”: Shakespeare and biography
  24. Shakespeare and 'the personal story'
  25. ‘I covet your skull’: Death and Desire in Hamlet
  26. Text and Tragedy
  27. “Half God, half man”: Kazantzakis, Scorsese, and The Last Temptation
  28. 'Rudely Interrupted': Shakespeare and Terrorism
  29. Vanishing Point: Looking forHamlet
  30. History and Politics
  31. Shakespeare's Serial History Plays (review)
  32. 'The Scripture Moveth us in Sundry Places...' Strategies of Persuasion in Sixteenth-Century Anglican Liturgy
  33. Shakespeare's ‘whole history’: Drama and early modern historical theory
  34. Busy doing nothing: A response to Edward Pechter
  35. Bravehearts: Images of Masculinity in Shakespeare's History Plays
  36. ‘What's the matter?’ Shakespeare and textual theory
  37. Text and Stage: Shakespeare, Bibliography, and Performance Studies
  39. Shakespeare Rewound
  40. Shakespeare and heritage
  41. ‘What ish my nation?’: Shakespeare and national identities
  42. The Shakespeare Myth
  43. The Shakespeare Myth.
  44. The Albatross and the Swan: Two Productions at Stratford
  45. Shakespeare on the Screen: A Selective Filmography
  46. Shakespeare's History.
  47. Class and Context
  49. Preface