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  1. Mind the cost of telemetry data analysis
  2. Network programming made easy and portable with Nethuns
  3. Data Stream Processing for Packet-Level Analytics
  4. BPFHV: Adaptive Network Paravirtualization for Continuous Cloud Provider Evolution
  5. Cache‐aware design of general‐purpose Single‐Producer–Single‐Consumer queues
  6. PSPAT: Software packet scheduling at hardware speed
  7. A Study of I/O Performance of Virtual Machines
  8. HyperNF
  9. A Survey of Fast Packet I/O Technologies for Network Function Virtualization
  10. Flexible virtual machine networking using netmap passthrough
  11. Very high speed link emulation with TLEM
  12. A Study of Speed Mismatches Between Communicating Virtual Machines
  13. k-Bisimulation: A Bisimulation for Measuring the Dissimilarity Between Processes
  14. mSwitch
  15. Virtual device passthrough for high speed VM networking
  16. Heuristic search for equivalence checking
  17. GreASE
  18. Speeding up packet I/O in virtual machines
  19. Efficient Genotype Elimination via Adaptive Allele Consolidation
  20. An Abstract Interpretation framework for genotype elimination algorithms
  21. VALE, a switched ethernet for virtual machines
  22. Celer: an Efficient Program for Genotype Elimination
  23. Using abstract interpretation to add type checking for interfaces in Java bytecode verification
  24. Partial model checking via abstract interpretation
  25. Decomposing bytecode verification by abstract interpretation
  26. Using postdomination to reduce space requirements of data flow analysis
  27. Using Control Dependencies for Space-Aware Bytecode Verification
  28. A Space-Aware Bytecode Verifier for Java Cards
  29. Caching and prefetching algorithms for programs with looping reference patterns
  30. Design Framework for a Distributed, Single-Address-Space System
  31. Checking secure information flow in Java bytecode by code transformation and standard bytecode verification
  32. Checking security properties by model checking
  33. An abstract semantics tool for secure information flow of stack-based assembly programs
  34. Persistent Object Systems: Design, Implementation, and Use
  35. Using standard verifier to check secure information flow in Java bytecode