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  1. Overeducation among Italian graduates: do different measures diverge?
  2. The performance evaluation of corporate universities
  3. The countercyclical role of Italian local banks during the financial crisis
  4. Urban smartness and sustainability in Europe. Anex anteassessment of environmental, social and cultural domains
  5. Varieties of capitalism in Europe: an inter-temporal comparison of HR policies
  6. Systemic Flexibility and Human Capital Development: The Relationship between Non-Standard Employment and Workplace Training
  7. Assessing the Incidence and Wage Effects of Overeducation Among Italian Graduates Using a New Measure for Educational Requirements
  8. The Corporate University in the European utility industries
  9. Law and economics of training: a taxonomy of the main legal and institutional tools addressing suboptimal investments in human capital development
  10. Corporate University between Human Capital Development and Business Strategies: The Case of European Utilities