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  1. Nanostructural Characterization of Luminescent Polyvinyl Alcohol / Graphene Quantum Dots Nanocomposite Films
  2. Development of substrate free polymer composite for Pb2+ ion sensor
  3. Recent Scenario of Surfactants Modified Graphene and Its Derivatives‐Based Polymer Nanocomposites—Review
  4. Preparation and characterization of polyacrylonitrile/nitrocellulose engineering blend
  5. Synthesis, Structural, FT-IR, UV-Vis. Spectroscopic, Thermal, and BET Studies of Magnesium Ion Doped Strontium Pyrophosphate Nano-Particles
  6. Development of soft polymer blend for copper ion detection by electrochemical route
  7. Polymer Blend Nanoarchitectonics with Exfoliated Molybdenum Disulphide/Polyvinyl Chloride/Nitrocellulose
  8. Synergetic Effect of Plasma‐Treated Graphene Oxide/Polymer Blends for Electrostatic Dissipative Applications
  9. Polyvinylidene fluoride/polysulfone/air plasma defected hexagonal boron nitride emerging nano blends for electrostatic dissipation
  10. Anomalous properties of plasma treated hexagonal Boron Nitride dispersed polymer nano blends
  11. Development of solid polymer electrolytes based on poly (ethylene oxide) complexed with 2-trifluoromethyl-4, 5-dicyanoimidazole lithium salt and 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide ionic liquid for Li-ion batteries
  12. Nickel Pyrophosphate Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Structural, Thermal, Spectroscopic, and Dielectric Studies
  13. Experimental investigation of activated carbon nanoflakes produced by thermal and chemical activation processes
  14. Engineering properties of Teflon derived blends and composites: a review
  15. Study of preparation and properties of Polyvinyl chloride /Nitrocellulose polymer blends
  16. Synthesis, structural, FTIR and UV–vis spectroscopic, thermal and dielectric studies of magnesium ion doped nickel pyrophosphate nano-particles
  17. Perspective of polycarbonate composites and blends properties, applications, and future development: A review
  18. Polyether ether ketone high-performance composites and blends present trends: A review
  19. Quantification of pre- and post-air plasma-treated graphene oxide dispersed polymer blends for high dielectric applications
  20. Study of polyvinylalcohol/polyionic organic semiconductor as thermistor
  21. Sustainable chemical preventive models in COVID-19: Understanding, innovation, adaptations, and impact
  22. Studies on the Surface and Wetting Properties of Poly(vinylidene fluoride)/Poly(acrylonitrile)/Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube-NH2 Blends as a Function of Air Plasma Treatment
  23. Recent trends in Nitrogen doped polymer composites: a review
  24. Conclusion
  25. Synthesis, properties and applications of nanomaterials: A mini review
  26. Improved under damped oscillator properties of polymer blends for electronic applications
  27. Growth and characterization of pure and picric acid doped ADP single crystals
  28. hBN Epoxy Nanocomposites
  29. Environmental Issues: A Challenge for Wastewater Treatment
  30. Physico-chemical and surface properties of air plasma treated PVDF/PMMA/Attapulgite/hexagonal-Boron Nitride blends
  31. Complex impedance, FT-Raman, and photoluminescence spectroscopic studies of pure and L-phenylalanine doped ammonium dihydrogen phosphate single crystals: the correlation with hydrogen bonding defect
  32. Effect of graphene quantum dots on photoluminescence property of polyvinyl butyral nanocomposite
  33. Superior charge discharge ability of reduced graphene oxide/Li-ion embedded polymer composite films
  34. Graphene oxide derived high dielectric constant of polymer blends
  35. Impedance spectroscopy of water soluble resin modified by zirconium sulphate
  36. Photocatalytic Degradation of Pharmaceuticals Using Graphene Based Materials
  37. N-doped ZnO/graphene oxide: a photostable photocatalyst
  38. High Performance Thermoplastic Blends Modified by Potassium Hexatitanate for Dielectric Applications
  39. Performance properties and applications of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)—a review
  40. Impedance Spectroscopy of Water Soluble Resin Modified by Zirconium Sulphate
  41. Quality factor of potassium hexa-titanate oxide ceramic reinforced polymer blends for broad band
  42. Raman, photoluminescence, and a.c. electrical studies of pure and l-serine doped ammonium dihydrogen phosphate single crystals: an understanding of defect chemistry in hydrogen bonding
  43. High performance nanocomposite
  44. Development of Thermal Sensor by Reinforced Graphene Nanoplatelets Thermoplastic Blends
  45. Structural, optical, magnetic and electrical properties of hematite (α-Fe2O3) nanoparticles synthesized by two methods: polyol and precipitation
  46. Disparity in hydrophobic to hydrophilic nature of polymer blend modified by K 2 Ti 6 O 13 as a function of air plasma treatment
  47. Zirconia Sulphate Dispersed Polymer Composites for Electronic Applications
  48. Loading... Influence of covalent and non-covalent modification of graphene
  49. Fabrication, performance and applications of integrated nanodielectric properties of materials – a review
  50. Ionic conductivity and diffusion coefficient of barium-chloride-based polymer electrolyte with poly(vinyl alcohol)–poly(4-styrenesulphonic acid) polymer complex
  51. Influence of graphene quantum dots on electrical properties of polymer composites
  52. Structure, morphology and electrical properties of graphene oxide: CuBiS reinforced polystyrene hybrid nanocomposites
  53. Morphology and Admittance Spectroscopy of Cellulose Acetate/Graphene Quantum Dots Nanocomposites
  54. Doping effect of malic acid on the grown lithium sulfate monohydrate oxalate single crystals
  55. Study of polymer Graphene Quantum Dot nanocomposites
  56. High concentration exfoliation of graphene in ethyl alcohol using block copolymer surfactant and its influence on properties of epoxy nanocomposites
  57. LAS VEGAS SANDS CORP., a Nevada corporation, Plaintiff, v. UKNOWN REGISTRANTS OF,,,,,,,,,, www.112211....
  58. A hydrophobic coenzyme Q10 stabilized functionalized-MWCNT modified electrode as an efficient functional biomimetic system for the electron-transfer study
  59. Improved dielectric constant of thermoplastic blend as a function of alumina loading
  60. Electrical performance of lithium ion based polymer electrolyte with polyethylene glycol and polyvinyl alcohol network
  61. CuBi2S3 precursor based polymer composites for low frequency capacitor applications
  62. polymer blends
  63. Polymer composites for thermal management: a review
  64. Dielectric relaxation of nano perovskite SrTiO3 reinforced polyester resin/styrene blend for electronic applications
  65. Study Of Electrical Relaxation Mechanism Of TiO2 Doped Bi-polymer Systems  
  66. Influence of K2Ti6O13 on dielectric and barrier properties of polymer
  67. Fabrication and Excellent Dielectric Performance of Exfoliated Graphite Sheets
  68. Optimized surface topography of thermoplastics blends modified by graphene
  69. PVA/K2Ti6O13 synthetic composite for dielectric applications
  70. Raman and FT-IR studies of (In0.90Sn0.05Fe0.05)2O3 nanoparticles
  71. Structural, optical and magnetic properties of (In0.90Sn0.05Cu0.05)2O3 nanoparticles
  72. Synthesis and characterizations of (In0.90Sn0.05Ni0.05)2O3 nanoparticles using solid state reaction method
  73. Study of conjugated polymer/graphene oxide nanocomposites as flexible dielectric medium
  74. Quality factor of Melt blend processed polypropylene/poly (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene)/ conducting carbon black blends
  75. Synthesis and characterization of polyvinyl alcohol/cationic polyurethane binder blend as solid polymer electrolyte
  76. Morphology, Ionic Conductivity, and Impedance Spectroscopy Studies of Graphene Oxide-Filled Polyvinylchloride Nanocomposites
  77. Abnormal Grain Growth Free Strontium Barium Niobate by Microwave Assisted Sintering
  78. Embedded capacitor applications of graphene oxide reinforced poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-tetramethacrylate (PEDOT-TMA) composites
  79. Electrical conductivity, optical properties and mechanical stability of 3, 4, 9, 10-perylenetetracarboxylic dianhidride based organic semiconductor
  80. Dielectric relaxation of PVC/PMMA/NiO blends as a function of DC bias
  81. Grafting of Amine-Functionalized Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes with Free Acid Anhydride in Carboxylic Acid Modified Epoxy
  82. Impedance Spectroscopy And Conductivity Studies Of CdCl2 Doped Polymer Electrolyte
  83. Optimization of Dielectric Constant of Polycarbonate/Polystyrene Modified Blend by Ceramic Metal Oxide
  84. Preparation of modified polymer blend and electrical performance
  85. Conjugated polymer/graphene oxide nanocomposite as thermistor
  87. Preparation and Performance Characterization of Soft Polymer Composites as a Function of Single and
  88. Thermo-mechanical properties of poly (vinyl chloride)/graphene oxide as high performance nanocomposites
  89. Graphene oxide nanocomposite
  90. Stability and electrokinetic properties of aqueous TiO2 nanoparticles dispersion in polyallylamine and polyvinyl alcohol blend systems
  91. Optimized Quality Factor of Graphene Oxide-Reinforced PVC Nanocomposite
  92. Effect of sodium alginate modification of graphene (by ‘anion-π’ type of interaction) on the mechanical and thermal properties of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) nanocomposites
  93. Novel nanocomposites of graphene oxide reinforced polymer composites
  94. Effect of zinc salt on transport, structural, and thermal properties of PEG-based polymer electrolytes for battery application
  95. Surface properties of graphene oxide reinforced polyvinyl chloride nanocomposites
  96. Synthesis of graphene platelets by chemical and electrochemical route
  97. Electrical characterization of polymer composite gel under biasing as polar medium
  98. Modified PVA moiety with PbO as humidity sensor
  99. The DC bias function of electrical characterization of PVA inducted nickel chloride composite film
  100. Structural, Optical, and Magnetic Properties of Co Doped CdTe Alloy Powders Prepared by Solid-State Reaction Method
  101. Prospective of Conducting Polymer Nanowire for Gas Sensing Application to its Physical Scaling
  102. Effect of Gamma-Irradiation on Admittance, Suceptance and Conductance of Polyacrylonitrile Gel
  103. Effect of dopant and DC bias potential on dielectric properties of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)/PbTiO3 - composite films
  104. Electrical and optical properties of In2O3:Mo thin films prepared at various Mo-doping levels
  105. Effect of molecular weight on dielectric properties of polyvinyl alcohol films