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  1. Regenerative effects of spring water-derived bacterial lysates on human skin fibroblast in in vitro culture: preliminary results
  2. Correlation Between the Sites of Onset of Basal Cell Carcinoma and the Embryonic Fusion Planes in the Auricle
  3. Long‐term in vivo assessment of bioengineered skin substitutes: a clinical study
  4. Sites of Basal Cell Carcinomas and Head and Neck Congenital Clefts
  5. Lipofilling for functional reconstruction of the sole of the foot
  6. Refinements in Brow Reconstruction: Synergy Between Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine
  7. Hyaluronan-Induced Cosmetic Reconstruction of the Nostril
  8. The role of rehabilitative camouflage after cervicofacial reconstructive surgery: a preliminary study
  9. Objective Integrated Assessment of Functional Outcomes in Reduction Mammaplasty
  10. Depletion of the Nasal Reserve after a Mole Excision
  11. Study to determine whether intraoperative frozen section biopsy improves surgical treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer
  12. Makeup Pencils in Plastic Surgery
  13. Hyaluronic acid three-dimensional scaffold for surgical revision of retracting scars: a human experimental study
  14. Effects of thermal water on skin regeneration
  15. Radiation Induced Soft Tissue Necrosis: An Underestimated Complication After Cardiac Catheter Ablation
  16. Allogenic platelet gel in the treatment of pressure sores: a pilot study
  17. Is breast reduction a functional or a cosmetic operation? Proposal of an objective discriminating criterion
  18. New breast reduction with combined selective liposuction and breast mound excision.
  19. Bioengineered Skin for Aesthetic Reconstruction of the Tip of the Nose: A Case Report
  20. Rosacea: A Potential Complication of Expanded Flaps
  22. Gigantic Paget disease of the breast
  23. Chewing and Swallowing after Surgical Treatment for Oral Cancer: Functional Evaluation in 196 Selected Cases
  24. Objective Assessment of Speech after Surgical Treatment for Oral Cancer: Experience from 196 Selected Cases