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  1. Influence of lower limb dominance on mechanical asymmetries during high-speed treadmill running
  2. Asymmetry in sprinting: An insight into sub‐10 and sub‐11 s men and women sprinters
  3. Acute Effects of Whole-Body Vibration Warm-up on Leg and Vertical Stiffness During Running
  4. Force production during maximal front crawl tethered swimming: exploring bilateral asymmetries and differences between breathing and non-breathing conditions
  5. Energy expenditure during a Vinyasa yoga session
  6. The effect of four weeks of plyometric training on reactive strength index and leg stiffness is sport dependent
  7. Development and Maintenance of Sprint Training Adaptations
  8. Contribution of select physiological variables to sprint triathlon performance
  9. Sprint mechanical differences at maximal running speed: Effects of performance level
  10. Effect of a Supplementary Periodized Complex Strength Training and Tapering Period on Postactivation Potentiation of Sport-Specific Explosive Performance in Adolescent National-Level Fencers
  11. Physiological Responses of Continuous and Intermittent Swimming at Critical Speed and Maximum Lactate Steady State in Children and Adolescent Swimmers
  12. Acute Effects of Stretching on Leg and Vertical Stiffness During Treadmill Running
  13. Carbohydrate mouth rinse does not affect performance during a 60-min running race in women
  14. Anthropometric parameters and leg power performance in fencing. Age, sex and discipline related differences
  15. Reliability of Leg and Vertical Stiffness During High Speed Treadmill Running
  16. The effect of combined supplementation of carbohydrates and creatine on anaerobic performance
  17. Gender differences in triple jump phase ratios and arm swing motion of international level athletes
  18. %HRmax of Submaximal Speeds Accurately Predicts Velocity at O2max in Trained Runners
  19. The Effect Of Minimal Running Shoes On Peak VO2 And 5 Km Running Performance
  20. Step characteristic interaction and asymmetry during the approach phase in long jump
  21. The acute effects of different training loads of whole body vibration on flexibility and explosive strength of lower limbs in divers
  22. Leg and vertical stiffness (a)symmetry between dominant and non-dominant legs in young male runners
  23. Variability of performance during a 60-min running race
  24. Reliabilities of leg and vertical stiffness during treadmill running
  25. Multi-Stage 20-m Shuttle Run Fitness Test, Maximal Oxygen Uptake and Velocity at Maximal Oxygen Uptake
  26. Uphill sprint vs. intermittent running in young soccer players: acute physiological responses
  27. Effects of Static and Dynamic Stretching on Sprint and Jump Performance in Boys and Girls
  28. Changes in Leg Strength and Kinematics with Uphill — Downhill Sprint Training
  29. Assessment of ventilatory threshold using near-infrared spectroscopy on the gastrocnemius muscle during treadmill running
  30. Analysis of Selected Kinematic and Physiological Performance Determinants During Incremental Testing in Elite Swimmers
  31. The Effects of Sprint Running Training on Sloping Surfaces
  32. Effects of Acute Creatine Loading With or Without Carbohydrate on Repeated Bouts of Maximal Swimming in High-Performance Swimmers
  33. Kinematic and postural characteristics of sprint running on sloping surfaces
  34. Anthropometric and kinematic influences on release speed in men’s fast-medium bowling
  35. Journal of Physical Education and Sport