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  1. Persistent and transient productive efficiency in the African airline industry
  2. Is there a bias in patient choices for hospital care? Evidence from three Italian regional health systems
  3. The beaten paths effect on patient inter‐regional mobility: An application to the Italian NHS
  4. The air transportation vertical channel, the global value added, and the role played by private versus public control
  5. The disruptive impact of COVID-19 on air transportation: An ITS econometric analysis
  6. Air Transport and Regional Development Case Studies
  7. Air connectivity and spatial effects: regional differences in Europe
  8. The strange case of less C‐sections: Hospital ownership, market concentration, and DRG‐tariff regulation
  9. Persistent and temporary inefficiency in airport cost function: An application to Italy
  10. Special Issue on Selected papers from the 21st ATRS World Conference, Antwerp, 2017—Editorial
  11. Global Airline Productivity, 1980–2013
  12. Recent trends on airline and airport management research: selected papers from the 22nd ATRS World Conference, Seoul, 2018
  13. Airline regulation and common markets in Sub-Saharan Africa
  14. Air transport networks of global integrators in the more liberalized Asian air cargo industry
  15. The Determinants of CO2 Emissions of Air Transport Passenger Traffic: An analysis of Lombardy (Italy)
  16. Selected papers from the 20th ATRS World Conference, Rhodes, 2016
  17. The impact of air transportation on trade flows: A natural experiment on causality applied to Italy
  18. Enhancing the network efficiency: Air transport and sustainability
  19. Administrative Data and Health Outcome Assessment: Methodology and Application
  20. Selection of papers from the 19th ATRS World Conference, Singapore, 2015
  21. Integrators’ Air Transport Networks in Europe
  22. Selected papers from the 20th ATRS World Conference, Rhodes, 2016
  23. The Economics and Political Economy of African Air Transport
  24. Determinants of transient and persistent hospital efficiency: The case of Italy
  25. Growth strategies of airports and airlines - Selected papers from the 19th ATRS World Conference, Singapore, 2015
  26. Selected papers from the 19th ATRS World Conference, Singapore, 2015
  27. The impact of technology progress on aviation noise and emissions
  28. The redistributive effects of copayment (superticket): evidence from Lombardy
  29. Determinants of airports’ environmental effects
  30. The factors affecting pollution and noise environmental costs of the current aircraft fleet: An econometric analysis
  31. The association between asymmetric information, hospital competition and quality of healthcare: evidence from Italy
  32. Baggage fees, operational performance and customer satisfaction in the US air transport industry
  33. Fare elasticities of demand for direct and indirect flights in sub-Saharan Africa
  34. Special issue of papers selected by the air transport research society – Selected topics on applied air transport economics
  35. Impacts of the Arab Spring on trade in airline services
  36. Economic factors affecting the registration of lower CO2 emitting aircraft in Europe
  37. Connecting African urban areas: airline networks and intra-Sub-Saharan trade
  38. The effectiveness–efficiency trade-off in health care: The case of hospitals in Lombardy, Italy
  39. PAHA study: Psychological Active and Healthy Aging: psychological wellbeing, proactive attitude and happiness effects of whole-body vibration versus Multicomponent Training in aged women: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial
  40. Incorporating negative externalities into productivity assessments of US airports
  41. Determinants of total factor productivity in former Soviet Union economies: A stochastic frontier approach
  42. Clased Skew Normal Stochastic Frontier
  43. Including local air pollution in airport efficiency assessment: A hyperbolic-stochastic approach
  44. Measuring the environmental efficiency of the global aviation fleet
  45. The influence of fleet mix, ownership and LCCs on airports’ technical/environmental efficiency
  46. The impact of airport competition on technical efficiency: A stochastic frontier analysis applied to Italian airport
  47. The effect of a law limiting upcoding on hospital admissions: evidence from Italy
  48. Irreversible investment and R&D spillovers in a dynamic duopoly
  49. First-Mover Advantage in a Dynamic Duopoly with Spillover
  50. The effects of upcoding, cream skimming and readmissions on the Italian hospitals efficiency: A population-based investigation
  52. Antitrust policy and price collusion
  53. Complexity and individual rationality in a dynamic duopoly: an experimental study
  54. Tacit Collusion and Non-uniform Prices
  55. Air transport in Africa