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  1. Plant–environment interactions through a functional traits perspective: a review of Italian studies
  2. Short-term physiological plasticity: Trade-off between drought and recovery responses in three Mediterranean Cistus species
  3. Leaf movements in Cistus species
  4. Provenance effect on carbon assimilation, photochemistry and leaf morphology in MediterraneanCistusspecies under chilling stress
  5. Leaf Rolling As Indicator Of Water Stress In Cistus incanus From Different Provenances
  6. Carbon storage by Mediterranean vegetation developing inside a protected area
  7. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Sequestration and Air Temperature Amelioration Provided by Urban Parks in Rome
  8. Ecofisiología de "Adonis distorta", especie de alta montaña endémica de los Apeninos centrales
  9. Anatomical and Morphological Leaf Traits of Three Evergreen Ferns (Polystichum setiferum, Polypodium interjectum and Asplenium scolopendrium)
  10. Specific leaf area variations drive acclimation of Cistus salvifolius in different light environments
  11. Temperature responsiveness of seedlings maximum relative growth rate in three MediterraneanCistusspecies
  12. Cistus creticussubsp.eriocephalusas a Model for Studying Plant Physiological and Metabolic Responses to Environmental Stress Factors
  13. Leaf Mass Per Area (LMA) as a Possible Predictor of Adaptive Strategies in Two Species ofSesleria(Poaceae): Analysis of Morphological, Anatomical and Physiological Leaf Traits
  14. Morphological, Anatomical and Physiological Leaf Trait Plasticity ofSesleria nitida(Poaceae) in OpenvsShaded Conditions
  15. Leaf traits variation in Sesleria nitida growing at different altitudes in the Central Apennines