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  1. Current trends in cancer immunotherapy: a literature-mining analysis
  2. A Twitter-based approach of news media impartiality in multipartite political scenes
  3. A Dynamic Intelligent Policies Analysis Mechanism for Personal Data Processing in the IoT Ecosystem
  4. Gambling Data and Modalities of Interaction for Responsible Online Gambling: A Qualitative Study
  5. Revealing the political affinity of online entities through their Twitter followers
  6. A Blockchain-Based Platform for Consent Management of Personal Data Processing in the IoT Ecosystem
  7. A probabilistic semantic analysis of eHealth scientific literature
  8. ADvoCATE: A Consent Management Platform for Personal Data Processing in the IoT Using Blockchain Technology
  9. Blockchain Applications in the Biomedical Domain: A Scoping Review
  10. How much does a zero-permission Android app know about us?
  11. Enabling Responsible Online Gambling by Real-time Persuasive Technologies
  12. Deriving the Political Affinity of Twitter Users from Their Followers
  13. An Online Service for Topics and Trends Analysis in Medical Literature
  14. Empowering responsible online gambling by real-time persuasive information systems
  15. A Blockchain-Based Notarization Service for Biomedical Knowledge Retrieval
  16. Blockchain-based Consents Management for Personal Data Processing in the IoT Ecosystem
  17. Communicating Personalized Risk Factors for Lifestyle Coaching
  18. Privacy leakages about political beliefs through analysis of Twitter followers
  19. Notarization of Knowledge Retrieval from Biomedical Repositories Using Blockchain Technology
  20. General Data Format Security Extensions for Biomedical Signals
  21. Topics and Trends Analysis in eHealth Literature
  22. Privacy-Enhanced Television Audience Measurements
  23. Integrated visualisation of wearable sensor data and risk models for individualised health monitoring and risk assessment to promote patient empowerment
  24. A Privacy-by-Design Contextual Suggestion System for Tourism
  25. An Ontology Based Scheme for Formal Care Plan Meta-Description
  26. Integrating Medical Scientific Knowledge with the Semantically Quantified Self
  27. Towards Privacy by Design in Personal e-Health Systems
  28. Pythia: A Privacy-Enhanced Personalized Contextual Suggestion System for Tourism
  29. Versatile Query Scrambling for Private Web Search
  30. Extracting Intention from Web Queries- Application in eHealth Personalization
  31. Privacy-preserving computation of participatory noise maps in the cloud
  32. User-centric privacy-preserving statistical analysis of ubiquitous health monitoring data
  33. A Versatile Tool for Privacy-Enhanced Web Search
  34. An efficient privacy-preserving solution for finding the nearest doctor
  35. A query scrambler for search privacy on the internet
  36. A Privacy-Preserving Cloud Computing System for Creating Participatory Noise Maps
  37. Privacy-Preserving Television Audience Measurement Using Smart TVs
  38. Enhancing Deniability against Query-Logs
  39. Privacy-Preserving Statistical Analysis on Ubiquitous Health Data
  40. Privacy-enhanced management of ubiquitous health monitoring data
  41. A privacy-preserving protocol for finding the nearest doctor in an emergency
  42. Towards privacy in personal data management
  43. Towards Privacy in Personal Data Management
  44. Utilization and protection of personal data in ubiquitous computing environments