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  1. Special collection of invited original research papers on “Contributions by women in theory and applications of artificial intelligence”
  2. Information, Intelligence, Systems and Applications, 12-14 July 2021, Chania, Crete, Greece
  3. Nutritional biomarkers and machine learning for personalized health optimization
  4. Machine Learning in Intangible Cultural Analytics
  5. Special section of surveys in artificial intelligence-based technologies
  6. Special Issue on Advances in Recommender Systems
  7. Open data for e-government the Greek case
  8. Guest editorial
  9. Special issue: Knowledge-based Environments and Services in Human-Computer Interaction
  10. Special issue on Knowledge-based Modes of Human-Computer Interaction
  11. Music genre classification based on ensemble of signals produced by source separation methods
  12. Radar Applications
  13. On the detection of impulsive stochastic transients over background noise
  14. Diffraction tomography of periodically time-varying scatterers
  15. Diversity reception in alpha-stable impulsive interference
  16. Robust change-point detection and segmentation in data streams
  17. Incoherent receivers in alpha-stable impulsive noise