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  1. A nonlinear problem for the Laplace equation with a degenerating Robin condition
  2. Cylindrical lateral depth-sensing indentation of anisotropic elastic tissues: Effects of adhesion and incompressibility
  3. Pipette aspiration testing of soft tissues: the elastic half-space model revisited
  4. Dynamic crack propagation along the interface with non-local interactions
  5. Analysis of residual stresses in thermoelastic multilayer cylinders
  6. Asymptotic modelling of the JKR adhesion contact for a thin elastic layer
  7. Analysis of dynamic damage propagation in discrete beam structures
  8. An asymptotic model for the deformation of a transversely isotropic, transversely homogeneous biphasic cartilage layer
  9. Factorization of a class of matrix-functions with stable partial indices
  10. An asymptotic model for a thin bonded elastic layer coated with an elastic membrane
  11. Editorial
  12. Universal hydrofracturing algorithm for shear-thinning fluids: Particle velocity based simulation
  13. Constructive methods for factorization of matrix-functions
  14. Impact problem for the quasi-linear viscoelastic standard solid model
  15. A phenomenological model of damage in articular cartilage under impact loading
  16. Existence results for a nonlinear transmission problem
  17. Simulating the Hele-Shaw flow in the presence of various obstacles and moving particles
  18. Hydraulic fracture revisited: Particle velocity based simulation
  19. Special issue on “Advances in micromechanics of materials”
  20. On application of Fung's quasi-linear viscoelastic model to modeling of impact experiment for articular cartilage
  21. General transmission conditions for thin elasto-plastic pressure-dependent interphase between dissimilar materials
  22. An asymptotic model for a thin biphasic poroviscoelastic layer: Fig. 1
  23. Forerunning mode transition in a continuous waveguide
  24. Threshold fracture energy in solid particle erosion: improved estimate for a rigid indenter impacting an elastic medium
  26. Contact Mechanics of Articular Cartilage Layers
  27. Articular Contact Mechanics
  28. Unilateral Frictionless Contact of Thin Bonded Incompressible Elastic Layers
  29. Linear Transversely Isotropic Biphasic Model for Articular Cartilage Layer
  30. Contact of Thin Inhomogeneous Transversely Isotropic Elastic Layers
  31. Asymptotic Analysis of the Contact Problem for Two Bonded Elastic Layers
  32. Deformation of a Thin Bonded Transversely Isotropic Elastic Layer
  33. Sensitivity Analysis of Articular Contact Mechanics
  34. Frictionless Contact of Thin Viscoelastic Layers
  35. Contact of Thin Biphasic Layers
  36. Sergei Rogosin: Achievements so Far and Further Plans
  37. Cylindrical lateral depth-sensing indentation testing of thin anisotropic elastic films
  38. Longitudinal shear of a composite with elliptic nanofibers: Local stresses and effective stiffness
  39. Remarks on the energy release rate for an antiplane moving crack in couple stress elasticity
  40. Effective thermal conductivity of a composite with thermo-sensitive constituents and related problems
  41. Analysis of a model for foam improved oil recovery
  42. Hele-Shaw flow with a small obstacle
  43. How fast can be crack propagating in a residually stressed material
  44. Boundary integral formulation for cracks at imperfect interfaces
  45. An asymptotic method of factorization of a class of matrix functions
  46. Brittle fracture in a periodic structure with internal potential energy
  47. Improved algorithm for analytical solution of the heat conduction problem in doubly periodic 2D composite materials
  48. Efficient pseudo-spectral solvers for the PKN model of hydrofracturing
  49. Remarks on Application of Different Variables for the PKN Model of Hydrofracturing: Various Fluid-Flow Regimes
  50. Weight function approach to a crack propagating along a bimaterial interface under arbitrary loading in an anisotropic solid
  51. Perturbation analysis for an imperfect interface crack problem using weight function techniques
  52. Transmission Conditions for Thin Elasto-Plastic Pressure-Dependent Interphases
  53. On fracture criteria for dynamic crack propagation in elastic materials with couple stresses
  54. Diffusion of curvature on a sheared semi-infinite film
  55. Dynamic energy release rate in couple-stress elasticity
  56. Analysis of interfacial crack propagation under asymmetric loading in anisotropic materials
  57. Application of imperfect interface weight function techniques for modelling of glued structures containing cracks and small defects
  58. Remarks on application of different variables for the PKN model of hydrofracturing: various fluid-flow regimes
  59. Threshold fracture energy in solid particle erosion
  60. Propagation of Slepyan's crack in a non-uniform elastic lattice
  61. Modified Formulation, ε-Regularization and the Efficient Solution of Hydraulic Fracture Problems
  62. Integral identities for a semi-infinite interfacial crack in anisotropic elastic bimaterials
  63. Efficient pseudo-spectral solvers for the PKN model of hydrofracturing
  64. Dislocations and inclusions in prestressed metals
  65. Accounting for the thickness effect in dynamic spherical indentation of a viscoelastic layer: Application to non-destructive testing of articular cartilage
  66. On modeling hydraulic fracture in proper variables: Stiffness, accuracy, sensitivity
  67. Steady-state propagation of a Mode III crack in couple stress elastic materials
  68. Mode III crack propagation in a bimaterial plane driven by a channel of small line defects
  69. Dynamics of a Fault Steadily Propagating within a Structural Interface
  70. Integral Identities for a Semi-infinite Interfacial Crack in 2D and 3D Elasticity
  71. Eigenfrequency correction of Bloch–Floquet waves in a thin periodic bi-material strip with cracks lying on perfect and imperfect interfaces
  72. Interaction of an interfacial crack with linear small defects under out-of-plane shear loading
  73. Mode III interfacial crack in the presence of couple-stress elastic materials
  74. Perturbation analysis of Mode III interfacial cracks advancing in a dilute heterogeneous material
  75. An analytical solution for a linear viscoelastic layer loaded with a cylindrical punch: Evaluation of the rebound indentation test with application for assessing viability of articular cartilage
  76. Weight Function in a Bimaterial Strip Containing an Interfacial Crack and an Imperfect Interface. Application to Bloch–Floquet Analysis in a Thin Inhomogeneous Structure with Cracks
  77. Frictionless elliptical contact of thin viscoelastic layers bonded to rigid substrates
  78. Contact Problem For Thin Biphasic Cartilage Layers: Perturbation Solution
  79. Elliptical contact of thin biphasic cartilage layers: Exact solution for monotonic loading
  80. Correction Formulae for the Stress Distribution in Round Tensile Specimens at Neck Presence
  81. Formulae Verification for the Flow Curve Determination Due to Numerical Simulation
  82. Characterisation of the Tensile Test
  83. Stress Distribution in the Sample Neck during the Tensile Testing
  84. Axisymmetric contact problem for a biphasic cartilage layer with allowance for tangential displacements on the contact surface
  85. Perturbation of mode III interfacial cracks
  86. Bloch–Floquet waves and localisation within a heterogeneous waveguide with long cracks
  87. Dynamic mode-III interface crack in a bi-material strip
  88. Remarks on the accuracy of algorithms for motion by mean curvature in bounded domains
  89. Perturbation of mode III interfacial cracks
  90. Localization and dynamic defects in lattice structures
  91. Dynamic mode-III interface crack in a bi-material strip
  92. Localised knife waves in a structured interface
  93. Crack in a lattice waveguide
  94. Symmetric and skew-symmetric weight functions in 2D perturbation models for semi-infinite interfacial cracks
  95. Asymptotic modelling of an elastic roller crossing a scratch
  96. Numerical method for solving joint thermo-diffusive problems in an infinite combined domain with thin resistant interphase
  97. The viscous froth model: steady states and the high-velocity limit
  98. Qualitative behaviour of viscoplastic solutions in the vicinity of maximum-friction surfaces
  99. Transmission Conditions for Thin Reactive Heat-Conducting Interphases: General Case
  100. Crack in a lattice waveguide
  101. Numerical Modelling of Mass Transfer Problems in Combined Domains with Non-Linear Imperfect Transmission Conditions
  102. Modelling of the multiaxial elasto-plastic behaviour of porous metals with internal gas pressure
  103. Perturbing Paths of Slow Cracks in PMMA by Local Heating
  104. Compression of a viscoelastic layer between rough parallel plates
  105. Coupled FEM-BEM Approach for Axisymetrical Heat Transfer Problems
  106. Evaluation of Transmission Conditions for Thin Reactive Heat-Conducting Interphases
  107. Dynamical extraction of a single chain from a discrete lattice
  108. Dynamics of a bridged crack in a discrete lattice
  109. Coupled FEM-BEM Approach for Axisymetrical Heat Transfer Problems
  110. Evaluation of Transmission Conditions for Thin Reactive Heat-Conducting Interphases
  111. A New Finite Element Formulation for Thin Non-Homogeneous Heat-Conducting Adhesive Layers
  112. Flow of viscoplastic materials through converging channels
  113. An attempt to improve the evaluation of mechanical material properties from the Axisymmetric Tensile Test
  114. A new evaluation procedure for the butt-joint test of adhesive technology: Determination of the complete set of linear elastic constants
  115. Waves and fracture in an inhomogeneous lattice structure
  116. Asymptotic analysis of Bloch–Floquet waves in a thin bi-material strip with a periodic array of finite-length cracks
  117. 2D modelling of a thin elasto-plastic interphase between two different materials: Plane strain case
  118. Finite Element Verification of Transmission Conditions for 2D Heat Conduction Problems
  119. Evaluation of Transmission Conditions for a Thin Heat-Resistant Inhomogeneous Interphase in Dissimilar Material
  120. Evaluation of the Lazarus–Leblond constants in the asymptotic model of the interfacial wavy crack
  121. Crack redirection with thermal secondary loading
  122. Evaluation of Transmission Conditions for a Thin Heat-Resistant Inhomogeneous Interphase in Dissimilar Material
  123. Finite Element Verification of Transmission Conditions for 2D Heat Conduction Problems
  124. Steady-state motion of a mode-III crack on imperfect interfaces
  125. Viscoplasticity with a saturation stress: distinguishing features of the model
  126. Modelling of Surface Crack Growth under Lubricated Rolling–Sliding Contact Loading
  127. Edge effects connected with thin interphases in composite materials
  128. Design of a new fracture specimen by 3D singularity analyses
  129. Edge effects connected with thin interphases in composite materials
  130. Effect of Diffusivity as a Function of the Method of Computation of Carbon Concentration Profiles in Steel
  131. Axisymmetric plastic flow of a bilayer material through a conical channel
  132. Radial basis functions for solving near singular Poisson problems
  133. Asymptotics of Elastic Field Near the Tip of Interface Crack Under Nonclassical Transmission Conditions
  134. Asymptotic Behaviour of the Elastic Solution near the Tip of a Crack Situated at a Nonideal Interface
  135. Comparative study of an interface crack for different wedge-interface models
  136. An analysis of the plane-strain compression of a three-layer strip
  137. On the dead-zone formation and limit analysis in axially symmetric extrusion
  138. Planar flow of a three-layer plastic material through a converging wedge-shaped channel. Part 1 – Analytical solution
  139. Stress singularity at a crack tip for various intermediate zones in bimaterial structures (mode III)
  140. Mixed boundary value problem for poisson's equation in an unbounded multi-layered region
  141. Asymptotics of the elastic solution of a plane problem near the crack tip terminating at a nonideal bimaterial interface (mode I and II)
  142. Generalized Solutions of Boundary Problems for Layered Composites with Notches or Cracks
  143. Influence of interfacial models on a stress field near a crack terminating at a bimaterial interface
  144. Comparative Study of Stresses Near Crack Tip for Layered and Homogeneous Models of Composite
  145. On boundary value problems in fracture of elastic Composites
  146. Interaction of a turnpike crack with nonideal bimaterial interfaces in a composite laminate
  148. Mode III Interface Crack Lying at Thin Nonhomogeneous Anisotropic Interface. Asymptotics Near the Crack Tip
  149. 3D Singularities with Applications to Fatigue Crack Growth