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  1. Evaluation of a whole system approach to diet and healthy weight in the east of Scotland: Study protocol
  2. COVID-19 vaccine uptake and hesitancy survey in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland: Applying the theory of planned behaviour
  3. International consensus statement on mental health awareness programmes in sport
  4. Athlete and Nonathlete Intentions to Self-Manage Mental Health: Applying the Integrated Behavior Change Model to the State of Mind Program
  5. Mental Health and Well-Being Interventions in Sport
  6. Predicting Athletes’ Mental Health Stigma Using the Theory of Reasoned Action Framework
  7. Increasing Athlete Knowledge of Mental Health and Intentions to Seek Help: The State of Mind Ireland (SOMI) Pilot Program
  8. Promoting mental health awareness in sport clubs
  9. Providing Sport Psychology Support to an Athlete in a Unique, Ultra-Endurance Event