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  1. Optimal Repeater Insertion for Nano-Interconnects in Current-Mode Signaling Scheme
  2. Dual-frequency piezoelectric micromachined ultrasonic transducers
  3. Modelling of Crosstalk in Differential Through-Silicon Vias (D-TSVs) for 3-D ICs
  4. Modeling and Delay Analysis of On-Chip Differential Carbon Nanotube Interconnects
  5. A printed multi-band compound meta-loop antenna with hybrid-coupled split ring resonators
  6. Design of a Novel Miniaturized Frequency Selective Surface Based on 2.5-Dimensional Jerusalem Cross for 5G Applications
  7. A Reactance Compensated Three-Device Doherty Power Amplifier for Bandwidth and Back-Off Range Extension
  8. Rendering wide impedance band of ESA made of SRRs
  9. Modeling annular through-silicon Via pairs in 3-D integration
  10. High-frequency modeling of Cu-graphene heterogeneous interconnects
  11. A “4-cell” modular passive DMFC (direct methanol fuel cell) stack for portable applications
  12. Closed-form impedance model for annular through-silicon via pairs in three-dimensional integration
  13. Electrical Modeling of On-Chip Cu-Graphene Heterogeneous Interconnects
  14. Closed-form impedance model for annular through-silicon via pairs in 3-D integration
  15. Performance and stability analysis of monolayer single-walled carbon nanotube interconnects
  16. Using dual-band asymmetric transmission effect of 2D metamaterial to manipulate linear polarization state of electromagnetic waves
  17. A quantitative study on convergence property of electrical field integral equation
  18. Back-to-back patch antennas for intelligent door lock with high isolation
  19. Effects of coil shapes on wireless power transfer via magnetic resonance coupling
  20. Repeater insertion for carbon nanotube interconnects
  21. Localization of critical frequency for simulation of high-speed interconnects
  22. Localization of critical frequency for simulation of high-speed interconnects
  23. Thickness-Dependent Strain Effect on the Deformation of the Graphene-Encapsulated Au Nanoparticles
  24. Effects of vacancy defects on graphene nanoribbon field effect transistor
  25. Performance effects of pipeline architecture on an FPGA-based binary32 floating point multiplier
  26. Three-dimensional on-chip inductor design based on through-silicon vias
  27. Wideband Impedance Model for Coaxial Through-Silicon Vias in 3-D Integration
  28. Novel Compound Planar Spiral Antenna
  29. Equivalent Circuit-Level Model of Quantum Cascade Lasers: Influence of Doping Density on Steady State and Dynamic Responses
  30. Accuracy-controlled convergence criterion for full wave simulation
  31. Thin-film LDMOS on partial SOI with improved breakdown voltage and suppressed kink effect
  32. An Enhanced Gap Source Model
  33. Cost evaluation on reuse of generic network service dies in three-dimensional integrated circuits
  34. GNet: A cost-effective architecture reusing generic network service dies
  35. A Novel High-Voltage ($>$ 600 V) LDMOSFET With Buried N-Layer in Partial SOI Technology
  36. Parametric modeling of microwave passive components using combined neural networks and transfer functions in the time and frequency
  37. An adaptive hybrid combination of PSO and Extremal Optimization
  38. Modeling of Crosstalk Effects in Multiwall Carbon Nanotube Interconnects
  39. Effects of the Inhomogenous Co Doping on the Magnetoresistance of Zn1−xCoxO Epitaxial Films
  40. Effect of silicon window polarity on partial-SOI LDMOSFETs
  41. Slot Antenna for Metal-Rimmed Mobile Handsets
  42. Multiple voltage assignment based on PSO
  43. Hybrid particle swarm optimization algorithm for fixed-outline floorplanning
  44. A common-mode replica compensated inductor-capacitor voltage-controlled oscillator for mixed-signal system-on-chip applications
  45. An improved packing tool based on a dual-output basic logic element
  46. A high-PSR transient-enhanced output-capacitorless CMOS low-dropout regulator for SoC applications
  47. Estimation of Time Delay and Repeater Insertion in Multiwall Carbon Nanotube Interconnects
  48. Wideband model of on-chip CMOS interconnects using space-mapping technique
  49. The design of a novel tunable filter
  50. Modelling of self-heating effects in multi-wall carbon nanotube interconnects
  51. A Miniaturized Printed Slot Antenna for Six-Band Operation of Mobile Handsets
  52. A Compact Multiband Open-Ended Slot Antenna for Mobile Handsets
  53. Two-dimensional quantum mechanical simulation of gate leakage current of nanoscale MOSFETs
  54. Mur Absorbing Boundary Condition for Three-Step 3-D LOD-FDTD Method
  55. Prediction of crosstalk effects in future multiwall carbon nanotube (MWCNT) interconnects
  56. High Frequency PMN-PT 1-3 Composite Transducer for Ultrasonic Imaging Application
  57. A CMOS LC-VCO with enhanced PSR based on common-mode replica compensation
  58. A new model of on-chip inductors on ferrite film using KB-FDSMN neural network
  59. Thermal circuit model of MQW VCSEL laser
  60. High-overtone self-focusing acoustic transducers for high-frequency ultrasonic Doppler
  61. A new circuit model of multi-quantum well Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers
  62. A novel technique to cover microfluidic systems with Parylene-C
  63. Multimode rate-equation-based VCSEL thermal and spatial model of circuit level
  64. A reliable quick parasitic capacitance extraction tool for the physical layer in communication systems
  65. High-Order Element Effects of the Green's Function in Quantum Transport Simulation of Nanoscale Devices
  66. Design and fabrication of PIN-PMN-PT single-crystal high-frequency ultrasound transducers
  67. A VLSI routing algorithm based on improved DPSO
  68. A novel photoelectric MOSFET with AC output under constant illumination
  69. A New Training Approach for Parametric Modeling of Microwave Passive Components Using Combined Neural Networks and Transfer Functions
  70. Solving dispersive media using PLRC-WCS FDTD method
  71. Analytic Model for Undoped Symmetric Double-Gate MOSFETs With Small Gate-Oxide-Thickness Asymmetry
  72. Analytical solution of fundamental surface potential equations for symmetric double-gate metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors
  73. An efficient FPGA packing algorithm based on simple dual-output basic logic elements
  74. Rate-equation-based VCSEL model and simulation
  75. PLRC-WCS FDTD Method for Dispersive Media
  76. Analytical timing model for inductance-dominant interconnect based on traveling wave propagation
  77. Dynamic Behavioral Modeling of Nonlinear Microwave Devices Using Real-Time Recurrent Neural Network
  78. An unconditionally stable wave equation PML algorithm for truncating FDTD simulation
  79. Unconditionally stable PSTD method based on weighted Laguerre polynomial expansion
  80. Novel weakly conditionally stable FDTD scheme based on trapezoidal recursive convolution for modeling dispersive media
  81. Treatment of Singular Integrals on Generalized Curvilinear Parametric Quadrilaterals in Higher Order Method of Moments
  82. A New Circuit-Level Thermal Model of Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers
  83. An unconditionally stable FDTD method based on wave equation
  84. Efficient unconditionally stable FDTD method for solving wave equation
  85. Sensor Deployment Strategy for Collaborative Target Detection with Guaranteed Accuracy
  86. ϵ-Algorithm for Transient Analysis of Lossy and Dispersive Multiconductor Transmission Lines
  87. Low numerical dispersion locally one-dimensional FDTD method based on compact higher-order scheme
  88. Recognizing Geometric Path from Polygon-Based Integrated Circuit Layout
  89. Harmonic retrieval in complex noises based on wavelet transform
  90. Buffer and wire-size optimization under higher order RLC model for interconnect design
  91. Study of mur‘s and UPML absorbing boundary condition for the LOD-FDTD method
  92. Refractive index in a metamaterial cloak
  93. A Method of Self-Adaptive Inertia Weight for PSO
  94. Power Management for Real-Time Tasks in Wireless Networked Embedded Systems
  95. A compact fourth order locally one-dimensional FDTD Method
  96. The inertia weight self-adapting in PSO
  97. Improved Orthogonal Least-Squares Regression With Tunable Kernels Using a Tree Structure Search Algorithm
  98. Quotient-difference algorithm for transient analysis of lossy and dispersive multiconductor transmission lines
  99. A Wideband and Scalable Model of Spiral Inductors Using Space-Mapping Neural Network
  100. A modified golumbic algorithm for permutation graphs in VLSI
  101. An efficient preconditioning scheme for fast hierarchical method in 3-D capacitance extraction of IC interconnect
  102. A novel MOSFET-only current reference with multiple temperature compensations
  103. Efficient modeling of RF CMOS spiral inductors using generalized knowledge-based neural network
  104. Design of directive patch antenna for GSM 1800MHz with metamaterial
  105. GKBNN modeling of RF on-chip spiral inductors
  106. A scalable wideband model of RF CMOS spiral inductors
  107. Efficient Design of Directive Patch Antennas in Mobile Communications Using Metamaterials
  108. An Efficient Method for Transmission Line Simulation
  109. Preconditioning Matrix for Fast Hierarchical Method in 3-D Capacitance Extraction of IC interconnect
  110. Perfectly matched layer for two-dimensional unconditionally stable FDTD method based on approximate Crank-Nicolson scheme
  111. Non-flat Function Estimation Using Orthogonal Least Squares Regression with Multi-scale Wavelet Kernel
  112. Design and Simulation of a 2.4GHz MEMS-based Voltage Controlled Oscillator
  113. An Efficient Preconditioner for RFICs Simulation Using Harmonic Balance Method
  114. A Fast Inductance Extraction Engine
  115. Modeling Dynamic Feedforward Neural Networks with VHDL*
  116. Unconditionally stable FDTD formulation with UPML-ABC
  117. A Wavelet-based Parallel Implementation for Image Encoding
  118. An Efficient Unconditionally Stable FDTD Formulation for Open Region Problems
  119. A Novel 2.5-D Unconditionally Stable FDTD Scheme
  120. A Perfectly Matched Layer for 2-D Unconditionally Stable FDTD Method
  121. A Fast Capacitance Extraction Engine
  122. Efficient Sigmoid Function for Neural Networks Based FPGA Design
  123. Application of a Novel Evolutionary Neural Network for Macro-cell Placement Optimization in VLSI Physical Design
  124. Efficient modeling of a biaxial micromirror with decoupled mechanism
  125. On the angular resolving powers of cross-loop/monopole antenna arrays based on the music algorithm
  126. Wideband mobile antenna design based on artificial neural network models
  127. Device-level simulation of wave propagation along metal-insulator-semiconductor interconnects
  128. Device level modeling of metal-insulator-semiconductor interconnects
  129. A fast wavelet multigrid algorithm for solution of electromagnetic integral equations
  130. A fast wavelet multigrid algorithm for solution of electromagnetic integral equations
  131. Large signal analysis of on-chip interconnects using transport based approach
  134. Application of wavelets on the interval to the analysis of thin-wire antennas and scatterers
  135. An example of the wavelet impedance matrix with O(N) nonzero elements
  136. An example of the wavelet impedance matrix with O(N) nonzero elements
  138. Time domain transmission properties of multi-vias
  139. Comments on "On solving first-kind integral equation using wavelets on a bounded interval" [with reply]
  140. The EMI properties of microstrip circuits in enclosures with slot apertures
  141. Fdtd simulation for the EMI properties of impedance surface enclosures
  142. On the use of orthogonal wavelets on the interval in the moment method
  143. On the use of orthogonal wavelets on the interval in the moment method
  144. Quasi-static analysis of multicrossover structures in grounded two-layer dielectric media
  145. Full-wave analyses of H-meshed-strip line by an FDTD networking approach
  146. Solution of inverse problems in image processing by wavelet expansion
  147. A hybrid wavelet expansion and boundary element analysis for multiconductor transmission lines in multilayered dielectric media
  148. A hybrid wavelet expansion and boundary element analysis of electromagnetic scattering from conducting objects
  149. On the utilization of periodic wavelet expansions in the moment methods
  150. Full wave analysis of microstrip floating line structures by wavelet expansion method
  151. Solution of inverse problems in image processing by wavelet expansion
  152. FDTD-SUPML simulation of photonic integrated circuits
  153. A hybrid wavelet expansion and boundary element method in electromagnetic scattering
  154. Analysis of thin-wire antennas and scatterers using orthogonal intervallic wavelets
  155. Classification of Ground Penetrating Radar Echo Signals using Wavelet Packet and RBF
  156. A Novel Method to Simulating Transient Response of Interconnects
  157. Application of PSTD with UPML Boundary Condition for Modeling Photonic Integrated Device
  158. Accurate model of metal-insulator-semiconductor interconnects
  159. A study on the applicability for nonlinear array based on MMUSIC algorithm
  160. On-chip inductance modeling and RLC extraction of VLSI interconnects for circuit simulation
  161. Analysis of multilayered transmission lines by hybrid wavelet expansion and boundary element method
  162. Spectral domain analysis of microstrip floating line structures by wavelet expansion method
  163. A study on angular resolving powers of cross loop/monopole antenna arrays based on music algorithm
  164. Robustness enhancement for proximal support vector machines
  165. Efficient generation of timing and power polynomial models from lookup tables for SoC designs
  166. Reconfigurable microstrip antenna design based on genetic algorithm