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  1. Visit-to-Visit Hemoglobin A1c Variability Is Associated With the Risk of Lower-Extremity Amputation in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes
  2. Older patients’ preferences and views related to non-face-to-face diabetes chronic care management: a qualitative study from southeast Louisiana
  3. Nomograms for incident risk of post-partum type 2 diabetes in Chinese women with prior gestational diabetes mellitus
  4. Association of early pregnancy body mass index and children's birth weight with risk of being overweight in childhood
  5. Effects of the interaction between glycated haemoglobin genetic risk score and postpartum weight reduction on glycaemic changes: A gene-weight interaction analysis
  6. Inequality in physical activity, sedentary behaviour, sleep duration and risk of obesity in children: a 12-country study
  7. Abdominal Subcutaneous Fat: A Favorable or Nonfunctional Fat Depot for Glucose Metabolism in Chinese Adults?
  8. One-year weight losses in the Tianjin Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Prevention Programme: A randomized clinical trial
  9. Distribution and related factors of cardiometabolic disease stage based on body mass index level in Chinese adults-The National Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders Survey
  10. Early Pregnancy Weight Gain Exerts the Strongest Effect on Birth Weight, Posing a Critical Time to Prevent Childhood Obesity
  11. Joint association of birth weight and physical activity/sedentary behavior with obesity in children ages 9-11 years from 12 countries
  12. The adiposity of children is associated with their lifestyle behaviours: a cluster analysis of school-aged children from 12 nations
  13. Passive smoking increased risk of gestational diabetes mellitus independently and synergistically with prepregnancy obesity in Tianjin, China
  14. Comparison of the heart failure risk stratification performance of the CKD-EPI equation and the MDRD equation for estimated glomerular filtration rate in patients with Type 2 diabetes
  15. Metabolic syndrome of weight change from pre-pregnancy to 1-5 years post-partum among Chinese women with prior gestational diabetes
  16. Obesity index and the risk of diabetes among Chinese women with prior gestational diabetes
  17. Racial disparities in cardiovascular risk factor control in an underinsured population with Type 2 diabetes
  18. Prepregnancy body mass index and weight change on postpartum diabetes risk among gestational diabetes women
  19. Birth weight and overweight or obesity risk in children under 3 years in China
  20. Blood Pressure and Stroke Risk Among Diabetic Patients