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  1. Semiotics of a Covid landscape
  2. Signs at work
  3. Writing the Relationship: Ethnographer-Informant Interactions in the New Media Era
  4. Engaging death: Narrative and constructed dialogue in Advance Care Planning discussions
  5. Using tethered-personal health records for pre-liminary end-of-life discussions with medical providers: Preferences of African American vs. Caucasian primary care patients
  6. Positioning the interviewer: Strategic uses of embedded orientation in interview narratives
  7. Commodified language in Chinatown: A contextualized approach to linguistic landscape1
  8. Mango Fufu Kimchi Yucca: The Depoliticization of “Diversity” in Washington, D.C. Discourse
  9. Contesting Public Space and Citizenship
  10. Review: Doing and Writing Qualitative Research, 2nd ed., by Adrian Holliday. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. 2007. 216 pages. $110.00 (hardback); $41.95 (paperback)
  11. Turf Wars
  12. Contesting Public Space and Citizenship
  13. 'Public toilets for a diverse neighborhood': Spatial purification practices in community development discourse
  14. White, Whole Wheat, Rye: Jews and Ethnic Categorization in Washington, D.C.