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  1. Millifluidic valves and pumps made of tape and plastic
  2. Computer Numerical Control Micromilling of a Microfluidic Acrylic Device with a Staggered Restriction for Magnetic Nanoparticle-Based Immunoassays
  3. Attraction and repulsion between objects in a granular flow
  4. Capture efficiency of magnetic nanoparticles through the compaction effect of a microparticles column
  5. Experimental Resonances in Viscoelastic Microfluidics
  6. Functional Activity and Endothelial-Lining Integrity of Ex Vivo Arteries Exposed to Ultrasound-Mediated Microbubble Destruction
  7. Enhanced medical diagnosis detecting antibodies using nanotechnology and microfluidics
  8. An affordable 3D-printed positioner fixture improves the resolution of conventional milling for easy prototyping of acrylic microfluidic devices
  9. Pressure-actuated monolithic acrylic microfluidic valves and pumps
  10. Microfluidic flow spectrometer
  11. Repayment policy for multiple loans
  12. Lift on side by side intruders of various geometries within a granular flow
  13. Lift on side-by-side intruders within a granular flow
  14. Tuning finely the packing density of heavy microparticles in a microfluidic channel
  15. Flow-mediated coupling on projectiles falling within a superlight granular medium
  16. Suction of splash after impact on dry quick sand
  17. Local dynamics and synchronization in a granular glass
  18. Infinite Penetration of a Projectile into a Granular Medium
  19. Effect of finite container size on granular jet formation
  20. Rheology of a sonofluidized granular packing
  21. Coarsening of Faraday Heaps: Experiment, Simulation, and Theory
  22. Superheating in Granular Matter
  23. Role of Air in Granular Jet Formation