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  1. A new look at inhalable metalliferous airborne particles on rail subway platforms
  2. Sources of indoor and outdoor PM2.5 concentrations in primary schools
  3. Effects of Road Dust Suppressants on PM Levels in a Mediterranean Urban Area
  4. Urban air quality: The challenge of traffic non-exhaust emissions
  5. Trends of road dust emissions contributions on ambient air particulate levels at rural, urban and industrial sites in southern Spain
  6. Trends of road dust emissions contributions on ambient PM levels at rural, urban and industrial sites in Southern Spain
  7. Impact of traffic intensity and pavement aggregate size on road dust particles loading
  8. Short-term variability of mineral dust, metals and carbon emission from road dust resuspension
  9. Road Traffic: A Major Source of Particulate Matter in Europe
  10. Effect of rain events on the mobility of road dust load in two Dutch and Spanish roads
  11. Emission factors from road dust resuspension in a Mediterranean freeway
  12. ‘Erratum to “Urban NH3 levels and sources in a Mediterranean environment” [Atmos. Environ. 57 (2012) 153–164]’
  13. Size-Resolved Particle Number Emission Patterns under Real-World Driving Conditions Using Positive Matrix Factorization
  14. Urban NH3 levels and sources in a Mediterranean environment
  15. Variation of PM2.5 concentrations in relation to street washing activities
  16. Natural versus anthropogenic inhalable aerosol chemistry of transboundary East Asian atmospheric outflows into western Japan
  17. A multidisciplinary approach to characterise exposure risk and toxicological effects of PM10 and PM2.5 samples in urban environments
  18. Source apportionment of the ambient PM2.5 across St. Louis using constrained positive matrix factorization
  19. Sources and variability of inhalable road dust particles in three European cities
  20. The Effects of Particulate Matter Sources on Daily Mortality: A Case-Crossover Study of Barcelona, Spain
  21. Road dust contribution to PM levels – Evaluation of the effectiveness of street washing activities by means of Positive Matrix Factorization
  22. Effect of fireworks events on urban background trace metal aerosol concentrations: Is the cocktail worth the show?
  23. Source apportionment of PM10 and PM2.5 at multiple sites in the strait of Gibraltar by PMF: impact of shipping emissions
  24. Physicochemical variations in atmospheric aerosols recorded at sea onboard the Atlantic–Mediterranean 2008 Scholar Ship cruise (Part II): Natural versus anthropogenic influences revealed by PM10 trace element geochemistry
  25. Concentrations, sources and geochemistry of airborne particulate matter at a major European airport
  26. Application of Optimally Scaled Target Factor Analysis for Assessing Source Contribution of Ambient PM10
  27. Chemical Tracers of Particulate Emissions from Commercial Shipping
  28. Evaluating urban PM10 pollution benefit induced by street cleaning activities
  29. Quantifying road dust resuspension in urban environment by Multilinear Engine: A comparison with PMF2
  30. Spatial and chemical patterns of PM10 in road dust deposited in urban environment
  31. Bedrock controls on the mineralogy and chemistry of PM10 extracted from Australian desert sediments
  32. Trace element fractionation processes in resuspended mineral aerosols extracted from Australian continental surface materials