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  1. University students’ alcohol use behaviour and self-efficacy to abstain from alcohol use: data from Ghana
  2. Parental involvement could mitigate the effects of physical activity and dietary habits on mental distress in Ghanaian youth
  3. Correlation between quality of pain and depression: A post-operative assessment of pain after caesarian section among women in Ghana
  4. Socio-demographic characteristics and psychosocial consequences of sickle cell disease: the case of patients in a public hospital in Ghana
  5. Psychometric Properties of the Perceived Social Support from Family and Friends Scale: Data from an Adolescent Sample in Ghana
  6. Association between psychosomatic health symptoms and common mental illness in Ghanaian adolescents: Age and gender as potential moderators
  7. Malaria Control Mechanisms for Effective Healthcare Delivery in Ghana: The Use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  8. Assessing alcohol abstinence self-efficacy in undergraduate students: psychometric evaluation of the alcohol abstinence self-efficacy scale
  9. Exploring Ghanaian adolescents’ meaning of health and wellbeing: A psychosocial perspective
  10. Factor structure and psychometric properties of the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-12) among Ghanaian adolescents
  11. Perceived social support and parental education as determinants of adolescents’ physical activity and eating behaviour: a cross-sectional survey
  12. Exploring the role of self-esteem and parenting patterns on alcohol use and abuse among adolescents
  13. Social support, stress, health, and academic success in Ghanaian adolescents: A path analysis
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  15. Effects of Academic Stress and Perceived Social Support on the Psychological Wellbeing of Adolescents in Ghana