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  1. Nanoindentation applied to ion-irradiated and neutron-irradiated Fe-9Cr and Fe-9Cr-NiSiP model alloys
  2. Small-angle neutron scattering uncovers irradiation effects on Fe-Cr model alloys and a steel
  3. Microstructure-informed prediction and measurement of nanoindentation hardness of an Fe-9Cr alloy irradiated with Fe-ions of 1 and 5 MeV energy
  4. Effect of Neutron Flux on an Irradiation-Induced Microstructure and Hardening of Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels
  5. Nanoindentation Response of Ion-Irradiated Fe, Fe-Cr Alloys and Ferritic-Martensitic Steel Eurofer 97: The Effect of Ion Energy
  6. Multiscale modelling for fusion and fission materials: The M4F project
  7. Depth distribution of irradiation-induced dislocation loops in an Fe-9Cr model alloy irradiated with Fe ions: The effect of ion energy
  8. Use of the small punch test for the estimation of ductile-to-brittle transition temperature shift of irradiated steels
  9. Microstructure and fracture toughness characterization of three 9Cr ODS EUROFER steels with different thermo-mechanical treatments
  10. The dominant mechanisms for the formation of solute-rich clusters in low-Cu steels under irradiation
  11. Relationships between depth-resolved primary radiation damage, irradiation-induced nanostructure and nanoindentation response of ion-irradiated Fe-Cr and ODS Fe-Cr alloys
  12. Microstructural characterization of inhomogeneity in 9Cr ODS EUROFER steel
  13. TEM Observation of Loops Decorating Dislocations and Resulting Source Hardening of Neutron-Irradiated Fe-Cr Alloys
  14. Nanoindentation of single- (Fe) and dual-beam (Fe and He) ion-irradiated ODS Fe-14Cr-based alloys: Effect of the initial microstructure on irradiation-induced hardening
  15. Effect of anisotropic microstructure of ODS steels on small punch test results
  16. Magnetic small-angle neutron scattering
  17. Post-irradiation annealing behaviour of oxide dispersion strengthened Fe-Cr alloys studied by nanoindentation
  18. Why Do Secondary Cracks Preferentially Form in Hot-Rolled ODS Steels in Comparison with Hot-Extruded ODS Steels?
  19. Helium-ion microscopy, helium-ion irradiation and nanoindentation of Eurofer 97 and ODS Eurofer
  20. Nanoindentation of ion-irradiated reactor pressure vessel steels – model-based interpretation and comparison with neutron irradiation
  21. Fe2+ ion irradiated JRQ steel investigated by nanoindentation and slow-positron Doppler broadening spectroscopy
  22. Microstructure characterization and strengthening mechanisms of oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS) Fe-9%Cr and Fe-14%Cr extruded bars
  23. The effect of the initial microstructure in terms of sink strength on the ion-irradiation-induced hardening of ODS alloys studied by nanoindentation
  24. Effect of microstructural anisotropy on fracture toughness of hot rolled 13Cr ODS steel – The role of primary and secondary cracking
  25. Investigation of spark plasma sintered oxide-dispersion strengthened steels by means of small-angle neutron scattering
  26. Alternative Fabrication Routes toward Oxide-Dispersion-Strengthened Steels and Model Alloys
  27. Fabrication and characterization of oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS) 14Cr steels consolidated by means of hot isostatic pressing, hot extrusion and spark plasma sintering
  28. Ion irradiation combined with nanoindentation as a screening test procedure for irradiation hardening
  29. JRQ and JPA irradiated and annealed reactor pressure vessel steels studied by positron annihilation
  30. Irradiation hardening of Fe–9Cr-based alloys and ODS Eurofer: Effect of helium implantation and iron-ion irradiation at 300 °C including sequence effects
  31. Effect of neutron flux on the characteristics of irradiation-induced nanofeatures and hardening in pressure vessel steels
  32. Bimodal Grain Size Distribution of Nanostructured Ferritic ODS Fe-Cr Alloys
  33. Contributions of Cu-rich clusters, dislocation loops and nanovoids to the irradiation-induced hardening of Cu-bearing low-Ni reactor pressure vessel steels
  34. Post-irradiation annealing behavior of neutron-irradiated FeCu, FeMnNi and FeMnNiCu model alloys investigated by means of small-angle neutron scattering
  35. FP7 Project LONGLIFE: Overview of results and implications
  36. Application of a three-feature dispersed-barrier hardening model to neutron-irradiated Fe–Cr model alloys
  37. Microstructural and mechanical characterisation of ODS ferritic alloys produced by mechanical alloying and spark plasma sintering
  38. Critical assessment of Cr-rich precipitates in neutron-irradiated Fe–12at%Cr: Comparison of SANS and APT
  39. Damage accumulation in pure iron and high concentrated Fe–12.5 at% Cr alloy: comparison between object kinetic Monte Carlo and cluster dynamics
  40. Small-angle neutron scattering of low-Cu RPV steels neutron-irradiated at 255°C and post-irradiation annealed at 290°C
  41. Cr segregation on dislocation loops enhances hardening in ferritic Fe–Cr alloys
  42. Long Term Irradiation Phenomena in RPV Steels—The LONGLIFE Project
  43. Nanoscale characterization of ODS Fe–9%Cr model alloys compacted by spark plasma sintering
  44. Application of Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy to the Study of Irradiated Fe-Cr Alloys
  45. Influence of the copper impurity level on the irradiation response of reactor pressure vessel steels investigated by SANS
  46. Vibrational contribution to the thermodynamics of nanosized precipitates: vacancy–copper clusters in bcc-Fe
  47. Safety Monitoring of Materials and Components of Nuclear Power Plants
  48. Nanoclusters in bcc-Fe containing vacancies, copper and nickel: Structure and energetics
  49. Ion-irradiation-induced damage in Fe–Cr alloys characterized by nanoindentation
  50. Microstructure of oxide dispersion strengthened Eurofer and iron–chromium alloys investigated by means of small-angle neutron scattering and transmission electron microscopy
  51. Small-angle neutron scattering investigation of as-irradiated, annealed and reirradiated reactor pressure vessel weld material of decommissioned reactor
  52. Structure, energetics and thermodynamics of copper–vacancy clusters in bcc-Fe: An atomistic study
  53. Cluster Dynamics Study of Neutron Irradiation Induced Defects in Fe-12.5at%Cr Alloy
  54. The microstructure of neutron-irradiated Fe–Cr alloys: A small-angle neutron scattering study
  55. SANS investigation of a neutron-irradiated Fe–9at%Cr alloy
  56. Characterization of neutron-irradiated ferritic model alloys and a RPV steel from combined APT, SANS, TEM and PAS analyses
  57. On the correlation between irradiation-induced microstructural features and the hardening of reactor pressure vessel steels
  58. On the formation of mixed vacancy-copper clusters in neutron-irradiated Fe-Cu alloys
  59. SANS investigation of neutron-irradiated Fe-Cr alloys
  60. Comparative small-angle neutron scattering study of neutron-irradiated Fe, Fe-based alloys and a pressure vessel steel
  61. Cluster dynamics simulation of point defect clusters in neutron irradiated pure iron
  62. Mechanical Properties of Spark Plasma Sintered Fe-Cr Compacts Strengthened by Nanodispersed Yttria Particles
  63. Irradiation Damage and Embrittlement in RPV Steels Under the Aspect of Long Term Operation: Overview of the FP7 Project LONGLIFE
  64. Study of Metastable States of the Precipitates in Reactor Steels Under Neutron Irradiation
  65. Acceleration of irradiation hardening of low-copper reactor pressure vessel steel observed by means of SANS and tensile testing
  66. Estimation of the solubility limit of Cr in Fe at 300°C from small-angle neutron scattering in neutron-irradiated Fe–Cr alloys
  67. Ion-irradiation-induced damage of steels characterized by means of nanoindentation
  68. Flux dependence of cluster formation in neutron irradiated weld material - small-angle neutron scattering experiments and rate theory simulation
  69. Cluster Dynamics Simulation of Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels under Irradiation
  70. Investigation of the Damage Around a Crack Tip in Metals using Small Angle X-Ray Scattering
  71. Flux dependence of cluster formation in neutron-irradiated weld material
  72. Nature of defect clusters in neutron-irradiated iron-based alloys deduced from small-angle neutron scattering
  73. Small-angle neutron scattering study of neutron-irradiated iron and an iron–nickel alloy
  74. Indentation response of single-crystalline GaAs in the nano-, micro-, and macroregime
  75. SANS response of VVER440-type weld material after neutron irradiation, post-irradiation annealing and reirradiation
  76. Small-angle neutron scattering study of post-irradiation annealed neutron irradiated pressure vessel steels
  77. Deformation-induced small-angle scattering contrast in aluminium alloys
  78. Material-related fundamentals of cutting techniques for GaAs wafer manufacturing
  79. Scaling of self-similar long fatigue crack growth in aluminium alloys
  80. On the factors affecting the propagation of long fatigue cracks in thin-sheet wrought aluminium alloys
  81. Mapping of the rate-controlling steps for environment-assisted fatigue crack growth applied to the aluminium alloy 6013 T6
  82. The material-dependent variability of fatigue crack growth rates of aluminium alloys in the Paris regime
  83. Environment-sensitive fracture of aluminium alloy 6013
  84. A new approach to the correlation between the coefficient and the exponent in the power law equation of fatigue crack growth
  85. Influence of the depth position on the neutron embrittlement of the VVER reactor pressure vessel steel 15Cr2MoV(A) consequences for the assessment of reactor safety
  86. The role of microstructure in the propagation of ultrasound in bainitic low-alloy steels
  87. Mechanisms of ultrasonic attenuation in a bainitic low-alloy steel