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  1. Reviewing homeostasis of sustainable energy systems: How reactive and predictive homeostasis can enable electric utilities to operate distributed generation as part of their power supply services
  2. Rethinking enterprise flexibility and stability
  3. Data, information, knowledge and intelligence
  4. Sustainable Hybrid Energy Systems: An Energy and Exergy Management Approach with Homeostatic Control of Microgrids
  5. Building sustainable energy systems: Homeostatic control of grid-connected microgrids, as a means to reconcile power supply and energy demand response management
  6. Homeostatic control, smart metering and efficient energy supply and consumption criteria: A means to building more sustainable hybrid micro-generation systems
  7. An Exergy and Homeostatic Control Approach to Sustainable Grid-Connected Microgrids without Energy Storage
  8. Review of grid-tie micro-generation systems without energy storage: Towards a new approach to sustainable hybrid energy systems linked to energy efficiency
  9. Linking Enterprise Flexibility to Strategic Options: A Control Problem Approach
  10. Homeostatic Control of Sustainable Energy Grid Applied to Natural Disasters
  11. An Intelligent Supervising System for the Operation of an Underground Mine