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  1. Free vibration analysis of laminated doubly-curved shells with arbitrary material orientation distribution employing higher order theories and differential quadrature method
  2. Nonlinear dynamic study of non-uniform microscale CNTR composite beams based on a modified couple stress theory
  3. The Influence of GPL Reinforcements on the Post-Buckling Behavior of FG Porous Rings Subjected to an External Pressure
  4. Thermo-Mechanical Buckling and Non-Linear Free Oscillation of Functionally Graded Fiber-Reinforced Composite Laminated (FG-FRCL) Beams
  5. Numerical Study on the Buckling Behavior of FG Porous Spherical Caps Reinforced by Graphene Platelets
  6. Mechanical behavior analysis of FG-CNT-reinforced polymer composite beams via a hyperbolic shear deformation theory
  7. Static Analysis of Anisotropic Doubly-Curved Shell Subjected to Concentrated Loads Employing Higher Order Layer-Wise Theories
  8. Finite strain-based theory for the superharmonic and subharmonic resonance of beams resting on a nonlinear viscoelastic foundation in thermal conditions, and subjected to a moving mass loading
  9. Free vibration of porous graphene oxide powder nano-composites assembled paraboloidal-cylindrical shells
  10. Free Vibration Analysis of Thick Annular Functionally Graded Plate Integrated with Piezo-Magneto-Electro-Elastic Layers in a Hygrothermal Environment
  11. Higher order theories for the free vibration analysis of laminated anisotropic doubly-curved shells of arbitrary geometry with general boundary conditions
  12. Nonlinear thermomechanical analysis of GPLRC cylindrical shells using HSDT enriched by quasi-3D ANS cover functions
  13. Thermal Buckling and Vibration Analysis of SMA Hybrid Composite Sandwich Beams
  14. Theoretical and computational investigation of the fracturing behavior of anisotropic geomaterials
  15. Special Issue on Advanced Mechanical Modeling of Nanomaterials and Nanostructures
  16. Static analysis of anisotropic doubly-curved shells with arbitrary geometry and variable thickness resting on a Winkler-Pasternak support and subjected to general loads
  17. Special Issue on Recent Advances in Theoretical and Computational Modeling of Composite Materials and Structures
  18. Equivalent single layer higher order theory based on a weak formulation for the dynamic analysis of anisotropic doubly-curved shells with arbitrary geometry and variable thickness
  19. Transient Thermal Stresses in FG Porous Rotating Truncated Cones Reinforced by Graphene Platelets
  20. Dispersion of Elastic Waves in Functionally Graded CNTs-Reinforced Composite Beams
  21. Linear and nonlinear mechanical responses of FG-GPLRC plates using a novel strain-based formulation of modified FSDT theory
  22. Nonlinear thermomechanical analysis of CNTRC cylindrical shells using HSDT enriched by zig-zag and polyconvex strain cover functions
  23. Nonlocal vibration of functionally graded nanoplates using a layerwise theory
  24. Nonlinear dynamic analysis of FG/SMA/FG sandwich cylindrical shells using HSDT and semi ANS functions
  25. Higher-order modeling of anisogrid lattice shell structures with complex geometries
  26. Generalized higher order layerwise theory for the dynamic study of anisotropic doubly -curved shells with a mapped geometry
  27. Multi thermal waves in a thermo diffusive piezo electric functionally graded rod via refined multi-dual phase-lag model
  28. Static Analysis of Doubly-Curved Shell Structures of Smart Materials and Arbitrary Shape Subjected to General Loads Employing Higher Order Theories and Generalized Differential Quadrature Method
  29. Structural Analysis of Doubly-Curved Shells with General Boundary Conditions
  30. A 1D Ritz–Jacobi formulation for the modal analysis of 3D anisotropic laminated composite and soft-core sandwich beam structures through 2D polynomials
  31. Higher-Order Free Vibration Analysis of Porous Functionally Graded Plates
  32. Three-Dimensional Buckling Analysis of Functionally Graded Saturated Porous Rectangular Plates under Combined Loading Conditions
  33. FEM/XFEM modeling of the 3D fracturing process in transversely isotropic geomaterials
  34. Thermomechanical Buckling Analysis of the E&P-FGM Beams Integrated by Nanocomposite Supports Immersed in a Hygrothermal Environment
  35. Higher-order modeling of anisogrid composite lattice structures with complex geometries
  36. Multi-step buckling optimization analysis of stiffened and unstiffened polymer matrix composite shells: A new experimentally validated method
  37. Free Vibration of Thin-Walled Composite Shell Structures Reinforced with Uniform and Linear Carbon Nanotubes: Effect of the Elastic Foundation and Nonlinearity
  38. Nonlocal Analysis of the Flexural–Torsional Stability for FG Tapered Thin-Walled Beam-Columns
  39. Theoretical and Numerical Solution for the Bending and Frequency Response of Graphene Reinforced Nanocomposite Rectangular Plates
  40. Higher order formulations for doubly-curved shell structures with a honeycomb core
  41. Higher order theories for the vibration study of doubly-curved anisotropic shells with a variable thickness and isogeometric mapped geometry
  42. Bending analysis of functionally graded porous nanocomposite beams based on a non-local strain gradient theory
  43. Buckling Analysis of CNTRC Curved Sandwich Nanobeams in Thermal Environment
  44. Special Issue on Advanced Theoretical and Computational Methods for Complex Materials and Structures
  45. Nonlocal elasticity theory for lateral stability analysis of tapered thin-walled nanobeams with axially varying materials
  46. 1D-Hierarchical Ritz and 2D-GDQ Formulations for the free vibration analysis of circular/elliptical cylindrical shells and beam structures
  47. Higher-Order Theories for Doubly Curved Laminated Lattice and Honeycomb Structures
  48. Quasi-3D Hyperbolic Shear Deformation Theory for the Free Vibration Study of Honeycomb Microplates with Graphene Nanoplatelets-Reinforced Epoxy Skins
  49. Nonlocal study of the vibration and stability response of small‐scale axially moving supported beams on viscoelastic‐Pasternak foundation in a hygro‐thermal environment
  50. Hygrothermal modeling of the buckling behavior of sandwich plates with nanocomposite face sheets resting on a Pasternak foundation
  51. Meshfree radial point interpolation method for the vibration and buckling analysis of FG-GPLRC perforated plates under an in-plane loading
  52. Nonlocal elasticity analysis of moderately thick porous functionally graded plates in a hygro-thermal environment
  53. Nonlinear Vibration of Functionally Graded Graphene Nanoplatelets Polymer Nanocomposite Sandwich Beams
  54. Nonlocal Torsional Vibration of Elliptical Nanorods with Different Boundary Conditions
  55. Vibration analysis of shear deformable carbon nanotubes‐based functionally graded conical shells resting on elastic foundations
  56. Size-dependent hydroelastic vibration of FG microplates partially in contact with a fluid
  57. Exact analytical solutions to the problem of relative post-buckling stiffness of thin nonlocal graphene sheets
  58. Effects of surface energy and surface residual stresses on vibro-thermal analysis of chiral, zigzag, and armchair types of SWCNTs using refined beam theory
  59. Stress-driven nonlocal elasticity for the instability analysis of fluid-conveying C-BN hybrid-nanotube in a magneto-thermal environment
  60. Numerical study of the mixed-mode behavior of generally-shaped composite interfaces
  61. A Modified Couple Stress Elasticity for Non-Uniform Composite Laminated Beams Based on the Ritz Formulation
  62. Nonlocal Elasticity Response of Doubly-Curved Nanoshells
  63. Thermoelastic analysis of rotating multilayer FG-GPLRC truncated conical shells based on a coupled TDQM-NURBS scheme
  64. Buckling Behavior of FG-CNT Reinforced Composite Conical Shells Subjected to a Combined Loading
  65. Thermoelastic Analysis of Functionally Graded Cylindrical Panels with Piezoelectric Layers
  66. Dynamic Stability of Bi-Directional Functionally Graded Porous Cylindrical Shells Embedded in an Elastic Foundation
  67. Nonlinear magneto-thermo-elastic vibration of mass sensor armchair carbon nanotube resting on an elastic substrate
  68. Stability analysis of single-walled carbon nanotubes embedded in winkler foundation placed in a thermal environment considering the surface effect using a new refined beam theory
  69. Electro-elastic response of cylindrical sandwich pressure vessels with porous core and piezoelectric face-sheets
  70. Buckling Behavior of Nanobeams Placed in Electromagnetic Field Using Shifted Chebyshev Polynomials-Based Rayleigh-Ritz Method
  71. Thermal vibration analysis of SMA hybrid composite double curved sandwich panels
  72. Free Vibration Analysis of Triclinic Nanobeams Based on the Differential Quadrature Method
  73. Nonlocal Buckling Analysis of Composite Curved Beams Reinforced with Functionally Graded Carbon Nanotubes
  74. Application of plate decomposition technique in nonlinear and post-buckling analysis of functionally graded plates containing crack
  75. On the critical speed evaluation of arbitrarily oriented rotating doubly-curved shells made of functionally graded materials
  76. Dynamical behavior of nanobeam embedded in constant, linear, parabolic, and sinusoidal types of Winkler elastic foundation using first-Order nonlocal strain gradient model
  77. Agglomeration effects on the vibrations of CNTs/fiber/polymer/metal hybrid laminates cylindrical shell
  78. Nonlocal bending analysis of curved nanobeams reinforced by graphene nanoplatelets
  79. Vibration characteristics of nanobeam with exponentially varying flexural rigidity resting on linearly varying elastic foundation using differential quadrature method
  80. Dynamic modeling of non-cylindrical curved viscoelastic single-walled carbon nanotubes based on the second gradient theory
  81. Size-Dependent Free Vibrations of FG Polymer Composite Curved Nanobeams Reinforced with Graphene Nanoplatelets Resting on Pasternak Foundations
  82. Scale Effects in Orthotropic Composite Assemblies as Micropolar Continua: A Comparison between Weak- and Strong-Form Finite Element Solutions
  83. Dynamic Stability of Temperature-Dependent Graphene Sheet Embedded in an Elastomeric Medium
  84. Refined shear deformation theories for laminated composite arches and beams with variable thickness: Natural frequency analysis
  85. A novel fractional nonlocal model and its application in buckling analysis of Euler-Bernoulli nanobeam
  86. Transient response of oscillated carbon nanotubes with an internal and external damping
  87. Higher-Order Thermo-Elastic Analysis of FG-CNTRC Cylindrical Vessels Surrounded by a Pasternak Foundation
  88. Higher-Order Weak Formulation for Arbitrarily Shaped Doubly-Curved Shells
  89. Strong Formulation: A Powerful Way for Solving Doubly Curved Shell Structures
  90. Wave Propagation of Porous Nanoshells
  91. Thermo-resonance analysis of an excited graphene sheet using a new approach
  92. Free vibration study of composite conical panels reinforced with FG-CNTs
  93. Application of sinusoidal shear deformation theory and physical neutral surface to analysis of functionally graded piezoelectric plate
  94. Some Novel Numerical Applications of Cosserat Continua
  95. Effect of Sinusoidal Corrugated Geometries on the Vibrational Response of Viscoelastic Nanoplates
  96. 3D capability of refined GDQ models for the bending analysis of composite and sandwich plates, spherical and doubly-curved shells
  97. Free vibration of FG-CNT reinforced composite skew cylindrical shells using the Chebyshev-Ritz formulation
  98. Nonlocal three-dimensional theory of elasticity for buckling behavior of functionally graded porous nanoplates using volume integrals
  99. Electromagnetic forced vibrations of composite nanoplates using nonlocal strain gradient theory
  100. Strong and weak formulations based on differential and integral quadrature methods for the free vibration analysis of composite plates and shells: Convergence and accuracy
  101. Free vibrations of functionally graded polymer composite nanoplates reinforced with graphene nanoplatelets
  102. ICCS21
  103. Damped forced vibration analysis of single-walled carbon nanotubes resting on viscoelastic foundation in thermal environment using nonlocal strain gradient theory
  104. Dynamic stability of doubly-curved multilayered shells subjected to arbitrarily oriented angular velocities: Numerical evaluation of the critical speed
  105. Structural response of porous FG nanobeams under hygro-thermo-mechanical loadings
  106. A numerical algorithm for computational modelling of coupled advection-diffusion-reaction systems
  107. Numerical Study of the Mixed-Mode Delamination of Composite Specimens
  108. A semi-analytical investigation on geometric nonlinear and progressive damage behavior of relatively thick laminated plates under lateral pressure and end-shortening
  109. Advanced GDQ models and 3D stress recovery in multilayered plates, spherical and double-curved panels subjected to transverse shear loads
  110. Mechanical behavior of damaged laminated composites plates and shells: Higher-order Shear Deformation Theories
  111. On the Convergence of Laminated Composite Plates of Arbitrary Shape through Finite Element Models
  112. Effect of Curvilinear Reinforcing Fibers on the Linear Static Behavior of Soft-Core Sandwich Structures
  113. A numerical study of the seismic response of arched and vaulted structures made of isotropic or composite materials
  114. Analytical and numerical modeling of the mixed-mode delamination process for composite moment-loaded double cantilever beams
  115. First-order shear deformation theory for orthotropic doubly-curved shells based on a modified couple stress elasticity
  116. Free Vibration Analysis of Functionally Graded Porous Doubly-Curved Shells Based on the First-Order Shear Deformation Theory
  117. Influence of Winkler-Pasternak Foundation on the Vibrational Behavior of Plates and Shells Reinforced by Agglomerated Carbon Nanotubes
  118. Thermal Buckling of Nanocomposite Stiffened Cylindrical Shells Reinforced by Functionally Graded Wavy Carbon Nanotubes with Temperature-Dependent Properties
  119. Mechanical behaviour of composite Cosserat solids in elastic problems with holes and discontinuities
  120. How to easily model doubly curved shells with variable radii of curvature
  121. A posteriori stress and strain recovery procedure for the static analysis of laminated shells resting on nonlinear elastic foundation
  122. Static and free vibration analysis of functionally graded conical shells reinforced by carbon nanotubes
  123. Multiscale approach for three-phase CNT/polymer/fiber laminated nanocomposite structures
  124. Linear Static Behavior of Damaged Laminated Composite Plates and Shells
  125. Geometrically non-linear elastic model for a thin composite layer with wavy surfaces
  126. A new doubly-curved shell element for the free vibrations of arbitrarily shaped laminated structures based on Weak Formulation IsoGeometric Analysis
  127. Numerical Investigation of Composite Materials with Inclusions and Discontinuities
  128. Foam core composite sandwich plates and shells with variable stiffness: Effect of the curvilinear fiber path on the modal response
  129. Free vibration analysis of arbitrarily shaped Functionally Graded Carbon Nanotube-reinforced plates
  130. Journal of Composites Science: A New Journal for Composite Materials, Structures and Experiments
  131. Interpretation of boundary conditions in the analytical and numerical shell solutions for mode analysis of multilayered structures
  132. A Numerical Investigation on the Natural Frequencies of FGM Sandwich Shells with Variable Thickness by the Local Generalized Differential Quadrature Method
  133. Stability and accuracy of three Fourier expansion-based strong form finite elements for the free vibration analysis of laminated composite plates
  134. Numerical computation of the crack development and SIF in composite materials with XFEM and SFEM
  135. Innovative Modeling of the Crack Path and Stress Intensity Factor for Arbitrary Shaft Configurations
  136. Strong Formulation IsoGeometric Analysis for the vibration of thin membranes of general shape
  137. An Equivalent Layer-Wise Approach for the Free Vibration Analysis of Thick and Thin Laminated and Sandwich Shells
  138. On the mechanics of laminated doubly-curved shells subjected to point and line loads
  139. Numerical study on the free vibration and thermal buckling behavior of moderately thick functionally graded structures in thermal environments
  140. Innovative numerical methods based on SFEM and IGA for computing stress concentrations in isotropic plates with discontinuities
  141. The GDQ method for the free vibration analysis of arbitrarily shaped laminated composite shells using a NURBS-based isogeometric approach
  142. 2D and 3D shell models for the free vibration investigation of functionally graded cylindrical and spherical panels
  143. Experimental method for manufacturing technologies comparison
  144. MLSDQ based on RBFs for the free vibrations of laminated composite doubly-curved shells
  145. Transient dynamic response of generally-shaped arches based on a GDQ-time-stepping method
  146. Analytical and numerical investigation of the stiffness matrix for edge-cracked circular shafts
  147. Linear static response of nanocomposite plates and shells reinforced by agglomerated carbon nanotubes
  148. Strong Formulation Isogeometric Analysis (SFIGA) for laminated composite arbitrarily shaped plates
  149. A SFEM-based evaluation of mode-I Stress Intensity Factor in composite structures
  150. The local GDQ method for the natural frequencies of doubly-curved shells with variable thickness: A general formulation
  151. Higher-order structural theories for the static analysis of doubly-curved laminated composite panels reinforced by curvilinear fibers
  152. Free vibration analysis of conical shells reinforced with agglomerated Carbon Nanotubes
  153. General higher-order layer-wise theory for free vibrations of doubly-curved laminated composite shells and panels
  154. Guest editorial ofMAMSspecial issue on: Applications of Unified Formulation and advanced theories using several numerical approaches
  155. Inter-laminar stress recovery procedure for doubly-curved, singly-curved, revolution shells with variable radii of curvature and plates using generalized higher-order theories and the local GDQ method
  156. Effect of agglomeration on the natural frequencies of functionally graded carbon nanotube-reinforced laminated composite doubly-curved shells
  157. 3D exact and 2D generalized differential quadrature models for free vibration analysis of functionally graded plates and cylinders
  158. Generalized stress–strain recovery formulation applied to functionally graded spherical shells and panels under static loading
  159. Boundary Conditions in 2D Numerical and 3D Exact Models for Cylindrical Bending Analysis of Functionally Graded Structures
  160. Free vibrations of composite oval and elliptic cylinders by the generalized differential quadrature method
  161. Vibration analysis of variable thickness plates and shells by the Generalized Differential Quadrature method
  162. Dynamic analysis of thick and thin elliptic shell structures made of laminated composite materials
  163. A new approach for treating concentrated loads in doubly-curved composite deep shells with variable radii of curvature
  164. Higher-order theories for the free vibrations of doubly-curved laminated panels with curvilinear reinforcing fibers by means of a local version of the GDQ method
  165. Numerical and exact models for free vibration analysis of cylindrical and spherical shell panels
  166. Four-parameter functionally graded cracked plates of arbitrary shape: A GDQFEM solution for free vibrations
  167. Radial basis functions based on differential quadrature method for the free vibration analysis of laminated composite arbitrarily shaped plates
  168. Accurate inter-laminar recovery for plates and doubly-curved shells with variable radii of curvature using layer-wise theories
  169. A parametric investigation of the seismic capacity for masonry arches and portals of different shapes
  170. Stabilità dell'equilibrio elastico
  171. An accurate one-dimensional theory for the dynamics of laminated composite curved beams
  172. Strong Formulation Finite Element Method Based on Differential Quadrature: A Survey
  173. Stress and strain recovery for functionally graded free-form and doubly-curved sandwich shells using higher-order equivalent single layer theory
  174. Free vibrations of free-form doubly-curved shells made of functionally graded materials using higher-order equivalent single layer theories
  175. Stress and Strain Recovery of Laminated Composite Doubly-Curved Shells and Panels Using Higher-Order Formulations
  176. The local GDQ method applied to general higher-order theories of doubly-curved laminated composite shells and panels: The free vibration analysis
  177. A strong formulation finite element method (SFEM) based on RBF and GDQ techniques for the static and dynamic analyses of laminated plates of arbitrary shape
  178. The strong formulation finite element method: stability and accuracy
  179. Static analysis of functionally graded conical shells and panels using the generalized unconstrained third order theory coupled with the stress recovery
  180. Strong formulation finite element method for arbitrarily shaped laminated plates - Part I. Theoretical analysis
  181. Strong formulation finite element method for arbitrarily shaped laminated plates - Part II. Numerical analysis
  182. Analysis of thick isotropic and cross-ply laminated plates by generalized differential quadrature method and a Unified Formulation
  183. Generalized Differential Quadrature Finite Element Method for vibration analysis of arbitrarily shaped membranes
  184. Winkler–Pasternak foundation effect on the static and dynamic analyses of laminated doubly-curved and degenerate shells and panels
  185. Static analysis of doubly-curved anisotropic shells and panels using CUF approach, differential geometry and differential quadrature method
  186. Generalized differential quadrature finite element method for cracked composite structures of arbitrary shape
  187. Radial basis function method applied to doubly-curved laminated composite shells and panels with a General Higher-order Equivalent Single Layer formulation
  188. General higher-order equivalent single layer theory for free vibrations of doubly-curved laminated composite shells and panels
  189. On mixed mode crack initiation and direction in shafts: Strain energy density factor and maximum tangential stress criteria
  190. Static analysis of completely doubly-curved laminated shells and panels using general higher-order shear deformation theories
  191. Analysis of Sandwich Plates by Generalized Differential Quadrature Method
  192. General higher-order shear deformation theories for the free vibration analysis of completely doubly-curved laminated shells and panels
  193. Mixed Static and Dynamic Optimization of Four-Parameter Functionally Graded Completely Doubly Curved and Degenerate Shells and Panels Using GDQ Method
  194. Static analysis of functionally graded doubly-curved shells and panels of revolution
  195. Retraction notice to “Free vibrations of laminated composite doubly-curved shells and panels of revolution via the GDQ method” [Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 200(9–12) (2011) 931–952]
  196. General anisotropic doubly-curved shell theory: A differential quadrature solution for free vibrations of shells and panels of revolution with a free-form meridian
  197. Static analysis of laminated composite curved shells and panels of revolution with a posteriori shear and normal stress recovery using generalized differential quadrature method
  198. Laminated composite rectangular and annular plates: A GDQ solution for static analysis with a posteriori shear and normal stress recovery
  199. Free vibrations of anisotropic doubly-curved shells and panels of revolution with a free-form meridian resting on Winkler–Pasternak elastic foundations
  200. 2-D GDQ solution for free vibrations of anisotropic doubly-curved shells and panels of revolution
  201. FGM and laminated doubly curved shells and panels of revolution with a free-form meridian: A 2-D GDQ solution for free vibrations
  202. RETRACTED: Free vibrations of laminated composite doubly-curved shells and panels of revolution via the GDQ method
  203. 2-D differential quadrature solution for vibration analysis of functionally graded conical, cylindrical shell and annular plate structures
  204. Free vibrations of four-parameter functionally graded parabolic panels and shells of revolution
  205. Free vibration analysis of functionally graded conical, cylindrical shell and annular plate structures with a four-parameter power-law distribution
  206. Free vibrations of three parameter functionally graded parabolic panels of revolution
  207. 2-D solution for free vibrations of parabolic shells using generalized differential quadrature method
  208. Non-singular term effect on the fracture quantities of a crack in a piezoelectric medium
  209. Free vibration analysis of functionally graded panels and shells of revolution
  210. Nonconservative stability problems via generalized differential quadrature method
  211. General analysis and application to redundant arches under static loading
  212. Subsonic Griffith crack propagation in piezoelectric media
  213. Vibration analysis of spherical structural elements using the GDQ method
  214. Analytical and numerical results for vibration analysis of multi-stepped and multi-damaged circular arches
  215. Elastodynamic Degenerate States for a Crack in an Orthotropic Medium
  216. Crack propagation in a four-parameter piezoelectric medium
  217. Crack propagation in an orthotropic medium with coupled elastodynamic properties
  218. Dynamical Analysis of Spherical Structural Elements Using the First-order Shear Deformation Theory