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  1. A comparison of thermally conductive polyamide 6‐boron nitride composites produced via additive layer manufacturing and compression molding
  2. Analytical solution of cross- and angle-ply nano plates with strain gradient theory for linear vibrations and buckling
  3. Bond Mechanism of FRPs Externally Applied to Curved Masonry Structures: Experimental Outcomes and Numerical Modeling
  4. Buckling loads of nano-beams in stress-driven nonlocal elasticity
  5. A seismic-energetic-economic combined procedure for retrofitting residential buildings: A case study in the Province of Avellino (Italy)
  6. Parametric analysis on the seismic response of masonry bell towers
  7. Parametric analysis on local collapse mechanisms of masonry churches
  8. Novel Approach to The Design of Sound Insulating Composites by Means of a Non-linearly Extrapolated Master Curve