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  1. Chemical Engineering Kinetics of p-Xylene Chlorination in a Gas-Liquid Agitated Reactor
  2. Rate constant ratios in the consecutive chlorination of liquid‐phase p ‐xylene with Cl 2 and an iron(III) chloride catalyst
  3. Derivation of rate constant ratios for consecutive second‐order irreversible reactions
  4. Hazards, safety and knowledge gaps on hydrogen transmission via natural gas grid: A critical review
  5. Optimization of the coagulation–flocculation process for the removal of natural organic matter fractions present in drinking water sources
  6. Assessment of Pleurotus ostreatus mediated degradation of agro-residues by using design of experiments methodologies
  7. Vaterite bio-precipitation induced by Bacillus pumilus isolated from a solutional cave in Paiania, Athens, Greece
  8. Cupriavidus metallidurans biomineralization for ornamental marble stone
  9. Assessment of Copper Slag as a Sustainable Fenton-Type Photocatalyst for Water Disinfection
  10. Pseudomonas,Pantoea and Cupriavidus isolates for biorestoration of ornamental stone
  11. Optimization of fungal decolorization of azo and anthraquinone dyes via Box-Behnken design
  12. Computer simulation for consequence analysis
  13. Optimization of Fenton's reagent coupled to Dissolved Air Flotation to remove cyanobacterial odorous metabolites and suspended solids from raw surface water
  14. Assessment of Fenton's reagent and ozonation as pre-treatments for increasing the biodegradability of aqueous diethanolamine solutions from an oil refinery gas sweetening process
  15. Adsorption of humic acid on acid-activated Greek bentonite
  16. Optimization of Culture Conditions for the Biodegradation of Lindane by the Polypore Fungus Ganoderma australe
  17. Safety of Buried Pressurized Gas Pipelines near Explosion Sources
  18. Hydrogen Safety
  19. Bioremediation of Lindane Contaminated Soil by Pleurotus ostreatus in Non Sterile Conditions Using Multilevel Factorial Design
  20. Synergistic effect of chemical preservatives with ethanol on the microbial shelf life of bread by factorial design
  21. Computer-aided process design, economic evaluation and environmental impact assessment for treatment of cheese whey wastewater
  22. Characterization of a fungal strain isolated from a polyphenol polluted site
  23. Bioremediation of a soil contaminated by lindane utilizing the fungus Ganoderma australe via response surface methodology
  24. Prediction of the Mould-Free Shelf Life of Muffins
  25. Computer-aided modeling of the protective effect of explosion relief vents in tunnel structures
  26. Correlation between bacterial indicators and bacteriophages in sewage and sludge
  27. Decolourisation of a polymeric dye by selected fungal strains in liquid cultures
  28. The Use of Bacteriophages for Monitoring the Microbiological Quality of Sewage Sludge
  29. Simulation of Coyote series trials—Part I:
  30. Simulation of Coyote series trials—Part II: A computational approach to ignition and combustion of flammable vapor clouds
  31. Estimation of safety distances in the vicinity of fuel gas pipelines
  32. Hydrochlorination of oleic acid: Kinetics and Henry's constant
  33. Fuel Gas Dispersion under Cryogenic Release Conditions
  34. Evaluation of hazards associated with hydrogen storage facilities
  35. Experimentally validated 3-D simulation of shock waves generated by dense explosives in confined complex geometries
  36. Biodegradation of lindane by Pleurotus ostreatus via central composite design
  37. Computer simulation of shock waves transmission in obstructed terrains
  38. Major Hazards Analysis for Populations Adjacent to Chemical Storage Facilities
  39. Validation of turbulence models in heavy gas dispersion over obstacles
  40. Safety analysis and risk assessment in a new pesticide production line
  41. Screening of wood rotting fungi potentially useful for the degradation of organic pollutants
  42. Risk and consequence analyses of hazardous chemicals in marshalling yards and warehouses at Ikonio/Piraeus harbour, Greece
  43. Microbiological quality of sewage sludge in Greece disposed for agricultural use
  44. Removal of amino acids from water by adsorption on polystyrene resins
  45. The Structure of Adsorbed CO2 in Slitlike Micropores at Low and High Temperature and the Resulting Micropore Size Distribution Based on GCMC Simulations
  46. Chloroacetoxylation of oleic acid-A kinetic study
  47. Amplification Effects of Soil Stratification on Ground Stress Waves
  48. Water quality of swimming pools in Athens area
  49. Safe handling of spent acids in nitroglycerine/nitroglycol plants
  50. Shortcut Estimation of Safety Distances of Pipelines from Explosives
  51. Safety Charts Simulation of Nitroglycerine/Nitroglycol Spent Acids via Chemical Reaction Kinetics
  52. Physical characterization of suspension-crosslinked polystyrene particles and their sulphonated products: 2. Ionic networks
  53. Physical characterization of suspension-crosslinked polystyrene particles and their sulphonated products: 1. Nonionic networks
  54. Suspension crosslinking of polystyrene with friedel-crafts catalysts
  55. Migration of PVC plasticizers into alcohols