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  1. Planet formation imager: science vision and key requirements
  2. Long baseline interferometry in the visible: first results of the FRIEND project
  3. The 2016 interferometric imaging beauty contest
  4. Data reduction for the MATISSE instrument
  5. Imaging capabilities of the VLTI/MATISSE spectro-interferometric instrument
  6. Grown-up stars physics with MATISSE
  7. Sharp images of WR104
  8. MATISSE: alignment, integration and test phase first results
  9. An overview of the mid-infrared spectro-interferometer MATISSE: science, concept, and current status
  10. MATISSE: specifications and expected performances
  11. Image reconstruction method IRBis for optical/infrared long-baseline interferometry
  12. Science with MATISSE
  13. Spectral and spatial imaging of the Be+sdO binaryϕPersei
  15. Olivier Chesneau's Work on Massive Stars
  16. Olivier Chesneau's Work on Novae
  17. Hydrogen Lines in Mira Stars Through Interferometry and Polarimetry
  18. V838 Monocerotis: the central star and its environment a decade after outburst
  19. Beyond the diffraction limit of optical/IR interferometers
  20. The environment of the fast rotating star Achernar
  21. The RCB star V854 Centauri is surrounded by a hot dusty shell
  22. MATISSE status report and science forecast
  23. Comparison between nulling and standard interferometry: a first assessment
  24. Statistical characterisation of polychromatic absolute and differential squared visibilities obtained from AMBER/VLTI instrument
  25. The yellow hypergiant HR 5171 A: Resolving a massive interacting binary in the common envelope phase
  26. Interferometry concepts
  27. Observation of Double Star by Long Baseline Interferometry
  29. Evidence of an asymmetrical Keplerian disk in the Brγand He I emission lines around the Be star HD 110432
  30. Interactions in Massive Binary Stars as Seen by Interferometry
  31. SCIROCCO+: Simulation Code of Interferometric-observations for ROtators and CirCumstellar Objects including Non-Radial Pulsations
  32. Three recipes for improving the image quality with optical long-baseline interferometers: BFMC, LFF, and DPSC
  33. High-precision closure phase for low spectral resolution optical interferometry
  34. VLTI/AMBER differential interferometry of the broad-line region of the quasar 3C273
  35. The 2012 interferometric imaging beauty contest
  36. Accompanying optical interferometry worldwide: the JMMC tools and services
  37. Perspective of imaging in the mid-infrared at the Very Large Telescope Interferometer
  38. Beyond the diffraction limit of optical/IR interferometers
  39. The expanding dusty bipolar nebula around the nova V1280 Scorpi
  40. VLTI/AMBER observations of the Seyfert nucleus of NGC 3783
  41. First spectro-interferometric survey of Be stars
  42. Mapping the radial structure of AGN tori
  43. The 2011 outburst of the recurrent nova T Pyxidis. Evidence for a face-on bipolar ejection
  44. Design of a star, planet and exo-zodiacal cloud simulator for the nulling testbench PERSEE
  45. The binary Be starδScorpii at high spectral and spatial resolution
  46. Spatio-spectral encoding of fringes in optical long-baseline interferometry
  47. Imaging the dynamical atmosphere of the red supergiant Betelgeuse in the CO first overtone lines with VLTI/AMBER
  48. The Galactic unclassified B[e] star HD 50138
  49. Imaging the spinning gas and dust in the disc around the supergiant A[e] star HD 62623
  50. An investigation of the close environment ofβCephei with the VEGA/CHARA interferometer
  51. Time, spatial, and spectral resolution of the Hαline-formation region of Deneb and Rigel with the VEGA/CHARA interferometer
  52. The third version of the AMBER data reduction software
  53. Spectral regularization and sparse representation bases for interferometric imaging
  54. Imaging “Pinwheel” nebulae with optical long-baseline interferometry
  55. Resolving the dusty circumstellar environment of the A[e] supergiant HD 62623 with the VLTI/MIDI
  56. Images of unclassified and supergiant B[e] stars disks with interferometry
  57. Detection of high-velocity material from the wind-wind collision zone of Eta Carinae across the 2009.0 periastron passage
  58. Resolving the dusty circumstellar environment of the A[e] supergiant HD 62623 with the VLTI/MIDI
  59. VLTI/AMBER spectro-interferometric imaging of VX Sagittarii's inhomogenous outer atmosphere
  60. VLTI/AMBER unveils a possible dusty pinwheel nebula in WR118
  61. A binary engine fuelling HD 87643's complex circumstellar environment
  62. Resolving the asymmetric inner wind region of the yellow hypergiant IRC +10420 with VLTI/AMBER in low and high spectral resolution mode
  63. Spatially resolving the inhomogeneous structure of the dynamical atmosphere of Betelgeuse with VLTI/AMBER
  64. From the Dynamics of Cepheids to the Milky Way Rotation, and the Distance Scale Calibration
  65. Diameter and photospheric structures of Canopus from AMBER/VLTI interferometry
  66. δ Centauri: a new binary Be star detected by VLTI/AMBER spectro-interferometry
  67. "Advanced" data reduction for the AMBER instrument
  68. AMBER closure and differential phases: accuracy and calibration with a beam commutation
  69. Aperture-synthesis imaging with the mid-infrared instrument MATISSE
  70. Wolf-Rayet stars probed by AMBER/VLTI
  71. VLTI-AMBER observations of Eta Carinae with the FINITO fringe tracker and spectral resolution 12000
  72. MATISSE: perspective of imaging in the mid-infrared at the VLTI
  73. VLTI monitoring of the dust formation event of the Nova V1280 Scorpii
  74. All you ever wanted to know about optical long baseline stellar interferometry, but were too shy to ask your adviser
  75. Interferometry basics in practice: Exercises
  76. High-resolution spectroscopy for Cepheids distance determination
  77. J, H, K spectro-interferometry of the Mira variable S Orionis
  78. Optical configuration and analysis of the AMBER/VLTI instrument
  79. Interferometric data reduction with AMBER/VLTI. Principle, estimators, and illustration
  80. Disk and wind interaction in the young stellar object MWC 297 spatially resolved with AMBER/VLTI
  81. AMBER, the near-infrared spectro-interferometric three-telescope VLTI instrument
  82. An asymmetry detected in the disk of κ Canis Majoris with AMBER/VLTI
  83. AMBER/VLTI interferometric observations of the recurrent Nova RS Ophiuchii 5.5 days after outburst
  84. Direct constraint on the distance of γ2 Velorum from AMBER/VLTI observations
  85. First direct detection of a Keplerian rotating disk around the Be star $\mathsf{\alpha}$ Arae using AMBER/VLTI
  86. Constraining the wind launching region in Herbig Ae stars: AMBER/VLTI spectroscopy of HD 104237
  87. Near-infrared interferometry of η Carinae with spectral resolutions of 1 500 and 12 000 using AMBER/VLTI
  88. Experiences from the first AMBER open time observations
  89. VLTI-AMBER observations of Eta Carinae with high spatial resolution and spectral resolutions of 1,500 and 10,000
  90. First astrophysical results from AMBER/VLTI
  91. Study of the scientific potential of a three 40cm telescopes interferometer at Dome C
  92. MATISSE: a four beams combiner in the mid-infrared for the VLTI
  93. MATISSE: perspective of imaging in the mid-infrared at the VLTI
  94. Colour-differential interferometry for the observation of extrasolar planets
  95. Differential Interferometry with the AMBER/VLTI instrument: Description, performances and illustration
  96. Extrasolar Planets with AMBER/VLTI, What can we expect from current performances?
  97. Design and tests for the correction of atmospheric and instrumental effects on color-differential phase with AMBER/VLTI
  98. AMBER integration and laboratory performances
  99. The VLTI focal instrument Amber: results of the first phase of the alignment, integration, and verification in Paranal
  100. Data reduction for the AMBER instrument
  101. AMBER instrument control software
  102. Color-Differential Interferometry with AMBER/VLTI. Data Processing and Precision from Early Observations
  103. LMC Cepheids with the VLTI
  104. AMBER on the VLTI: Data Processing and Calibration Issues
  105. VLTI-AMBER Observations of η Carinae with High Spatial Resolution and Spectral Resolutions of λ/Δλ=1500 and 12 000*
  106. Disentangling the Wind and the Disk in the Close Surrounding of the Young Stellar Object MWC297 with AMBER/VLTI
  107. MATISSE Science Cases
  108. MATISSE
  109. First AMBER/VLTI Observations of Hot Massive Stars