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  1. Modelling fire-generated thunderstorms: Pedrógão Grande case study
  2. Local to continental scale coupled fire-atmosphere simulation of large industrial fire plume
  3. Is Portugal Starting to Burn All Year Long? The Transboundary Fire in January 2022
  4. A Review on the Current Status of Numerical Weather Prediction in Portugal 2021: Surface–Atmosphere Interactions
  5. Modelling the Atmospheric Environment Associated with a Wind-Driven Fire Event in Portugal
  6. Modelling pyro-convective activity in Pedrógão Grande mega fire
  7. Forest Fires in Madeira Island and the Fire Weather Created by Orographic Effects
  8. Wildfire risk in Madeira island and the potential impacts on tourism
  9. Modelling a desert dust outbreak affecting Portugal in February 2017
  10. Lightning modelling for the research of forest fire ignition
  11. Understanding significant precipitation in Madeira island
  12. Significant orographic precipitation in Madeira island, Portugal
  13. Analysis of atmospheric vertical profiles in the presence of desert dust aerosols
  14. Precipitation in the Madeira Island and the meridional water vapour transport
  15. Analysis of intense rainfall events on Madeira Island, Portugal