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  1. Localized Surface Plasmons of Supershape Nanoparticle Dimers
  2. Excitation of Multiple Surface Plasmon-Polaritons by a Metal Layer Inserted in an Equichiral Sculptured Thin Film
  3. new geometry of gold nanoparticles inspired by nature
  4. Optical Absorption Transitions in Mn Star-like Helical Sculptured Thin Films
  5. Nano-structure and optical properties (plasmonic) of graded helical square tower-like (terraced) Mn sculptured thin films
  6. Localized surface plasmons in face to face dimer silver triangular prism nanoparticles
  7. Engineering Mn as Tetragonal-Like Helical Sculptured Thin Film for Broadband Absorption
  8. Electrochemical properties, optical modeling and electrocatalytic activity of pulse-electropolymerized ternary nanocomposite of poly (methylene blue) in aqueous solution
  9. Physicoelectrochemical properties of facilely electrosynthesized reduced graphene oxide/p-type conductive polymer nanocomposite film
  10. Euphorbia helioscopia Linn as a green source for synthesis of silver nanoparticles and their optical and catalytic properties
  11. Electrosynthesis, optical modeling and electrocatalytic activity of Ni-MWCNT-PT nanocomposite film
  12. Synthesis, characterization, structural, optical properties and catalytic activity of reduced graphene oxide/copper nanocomposites
  13. Physioelectrochemical and DFT investigation of metal oxide/p-type conductive polymer nanoparticles as an efficient catalyst for the electrocatalytic oxidation of methanol
  14. Localized surface plasmons of a single ambichiral nanostructure
  15. Electrosynthesis and characterization of poly methylene blue and its nanocomposite with ZnO nanoparticles
  16. Green synthesis, optical properties and catalytic activity of silver nanoparticles in the synthesis of N-monosubstituted ureas in water
  17. Surface Plasmon Polariton Modes at Interface of a Metal and an Ambichiral Sculptured Thin Film
  18. Hybrid Pd/Fe3O4 nanowires: Fabrication, characterization, optical properties and application as magnetically reusable catalyst for the synthesis of N-monosubstituted ureas under ligand-free conditions
  19. Surface Plasmon Polariton Propagation at the Interface of a Metal and an Ambichiral Nanostructured Medium
  20. Electrochemical and Optical Investigation of Conductive Polymer and MWCNT Nanocomposite Film
  21. Electrochemical and optical properties of TiO2 nanoparticles/poly tyramine composite film
  22. Electrosynthesis and absorbance spectra of TiO2 nanoparticles dispersed in the conductive polymer
  23. Surface plasmon resonance of two-segmented Au—Cu nanowires in polycarbonate template
  24. On optical rotation and selective transmission in ambichiral sculptured thin films
  25. On circular Bragg regimes in ellipsometry spectra of ambichiral sculptured thin films
  26. Characteristics of Plasmonic at a Metal/Chiral Sculptured Thin Film Interface
  27. Surface plasmon resonance of Cu nanowires in polycarbonate template
  28. Effects of dispersion and dissipation on the optical rotation and ellipticity of chiral sculptured thin films
  29. Influence of substrate rotation speed on the nanostructure of sculptured Cu thin films
  30. Optical spectra of graded nanostructured TiO2 chiral sculptured thin films
  31. Characteristics of sculptured Cu thin films and their optical properties as a function of deposition rate
  32. Spectral remittances of chiral sculptured zirconia thin films in non-axial propagation
  33. Numerical study of the remittances of axially excited chiral sculptured zirconia thin films
  34. Comparative study between dispersive and non-dispersive dielectric permittivity in spectral remittances of chiral sculptured zirconia thin films
  35. On the dependence of circular Bragg phenomenon of noble metals helicoidally periodic sculptured thin films on visible and IR wavelengths
  36. Reflection, transmission and circular dichroism in axially excited slab of a copper thin film helicoidal bianisotropic medium