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  1. Are Anti-Political-Establishment Parties a Peril for European Democracy? A Longitudinal Study from 1950 till 2017
  2. The calm before the storm: explaining the institutionalization of Southern European party systems before the great recession
  3. Parties between thresholds: State subsidies and party behaviour in post-communist democracies
  4. The Three Waves of Party System Institutionalisation Studies: A Multi- or Uni-Dimensional Concept?
  5. It’s Been Mostly About Money! A Multi-method Research Approach to the Sources of Institutionalization
  6. Regulating party politics in the Western Balkans: the legal sources of party system development in Macedonia
  7. How to measure party system stability?
  8. Limits of regulation: party law and finance in Slovakia 1990–2012
  9. Party regulation and party politics in post-communist Europe
  10. Regulating Polish politics: “cartel” parties in a non-collusive party system
  11. The world upside down: Delegitimising political finance regulation
  12. Party Regulation in Post-Authoritarian Contexts: Southern Europe in Comparative Perspective
  13. The Carrot and the Stick: Party Regulation and Politics in Democratic Spain
  14. Post-Communist Politics: On the Divergence (and/or Convergence) of East and West
  15. Parties, regime and cleavages: explaining party system institutionalisation in East Central Europe
  16. The politics of party funding
  17. State Resources and Pocket Money: Shortcuts for Party Funding in Romania