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  1. Vortex sorting of rare particles/cells in microcavities: A review
  2. Mechanism of particle dual-orbital motion in a laminar microvortex
  3. Particle orbiting motion and deviations from streamlines in a microvortex
  4. Pressure measurement methods in microchannels: advances and applications
  5. Particle recirculating orbits within microvortices using microfluidics
  6. An Easy Method for Pressure Measurement in Microchannels Using Trapped Air Compression in a One-End-Sealed Capillary
  7. Experimental study of transient behaviors of start-up flow in long microcavities
  8. Vortices evolution in round pockets of modern machine tools
  9. Single-particle trapping mechanisms into microcavities are still puzzling.
  10. Recirculation Flow and Pressure Distributions in a Rayleigh Step Bearing
  11. Evolution of single-particle recirculating orbits within a hydrodynamic microvortex
  12. Effects of geometry factors on microvortices evolution in confined square microcavities
  13. Single-particle trapping, orbiting, and rotating in a microcavity using microfluidics