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  1. Control of local wetting by microscopic particles
  2. Influence of capillarity and gravity on confined Faraday waves
  3. Wetting process of a spreading droplet on substrate with a disturbance (particle)
  4. Nonspherical armoured bubble vibration
  5. Inverse Saffman-Taylor Experiments with Particles Lead to Capillarity Driven Fingering Instabilities
  6. Increased resistance to detachment of adherent microspheres and Bacillus spores subjected to a drying step
  7. Droplet ejection from an interface between two immiscible liquids under pulsed ultrasound
  8. Excitation of standing gravity-capillary waves at an interface between two immiscible liquids by a periodic sequence of ultrasound pulses
  9. Dynamics of liquid plugs in prewetted capillary tubes: from acceleration and rupture to deceleration and airway obstruction
  10. Ultrasonic tomography of nonmixing fluid flows
  11. The Faraday instability in miscible fluid systems
  12. Two-frequency excitation of single-mode Faraday waves
  13. From ‘petal effect’ to ‘lotus effect’ on the highly flexible Silastic S elastomer microstructured using a fluorine based reactive ion etching process
  14. Armored bubbles tailoring
  15. Dual role of gravity on the Faraday threshold for immiscible viscous layers
  16. The Faraday threshold in small cylinders and the sidewall non-ideality
  17. Mixing generated by Faraday instability between miscible liquids
  18. EWOD driven cleaning of bioparticles on hydrophobic and superhydrophobic surfaces
  19. Droplet displacements and oscillations induced by ultrasonic surface acoustic waves: A quantitative study
  20. Enhancement of biosensing performance in a droplet-based bioreactor by in situ microstreaming
  21. Bubble splitting in oscillatory flows on ground and in reduced gravity
  22. Surface Acoustic Wave-Induced Microstreaming in Droplets for the Enhancement of Biosensing Performances
  23. To grate a liquid into tiny droplets by its impact on a hydrophobic microgrid
  24. Experimental and numerical study of miscible Faraday instability
  25. Micrometric Granular Ripple Patterns in a Capillary Tube
  26. Particles Separation by Oscillation in a Capillary Tube
  27. Bubble rupture in a vibrated liquid under microgravity
  28. Micrometric ripples in a capillary tube, the effect of microgravity
  29. Creeping, walking and jumping drop
  30. Effect of a vertically flowing water jet underneath a granular bed
  31. Rotating-disk-type flow over loose boundaries
  32. Air bubbles under vertical vibrations
  33. Experimental verification of Type-II-eigenmode destabilization in the boundary layer over a compliant rotating disk
  34. Granular ripples under rotating flow: a new experimental technique for studying ripples in non-rotating, geophysical applications?
  35. Bubble Dynamics under Vertical Vibrations
  36. Laminar-turbulent boundary-layer transition over a rough rotating disk
  37. Universal scaling for ripple formation in granular media
  38. Spiral Patterns Formed by Granular Media Underneath a Rotating Fluid. Experiment vs Computation
  39. Wavelength scaling of spiral patterns formed by granular media underneath a rotating fluid