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  1. MHD nonaligned stagnation point flow of second grade fluid towards a porous rotating disk
  2. Intelligent computing for Duffing-Harmonic oscillator equation via the bio-evolutionary optimization algorithm
  3. Existence and Stability of Difference Equation in Imprecise Environment
  4. Flow Analysis of Powell-Eyring Fluid Over an Off-Centered Porous Rotating Disk
  5. Tracking the chaotic behaviour of fractional-order Chua’s system by Mexican hat wavelet-based artificial neural network
  6. Minimization of Entropy Generation in MHD Mixed Convection Flow with Energy Dissipation and Joule Heating: Utilization of Sparrow-Quack-Boerner Local Non-Similarity Method
  7. A Single Layer Functional Link Artificial Neural Network based on Chebyshev Polynomials for Neural Evaluations of Nonlinear Nth Order Fuzzy Differential Equations
  8. Multiple slip effects on magnetic-Carreau fluid in a suspension of gyrotactic microorganisms over a slendering sheet
  9. Entropy generation analysis and effects of slip conditions on micropolar fluid flow due to a rotating disk
  10. 3D stagnation point flow of Maxwell fluid towards an off-centered rotating disk
  11. Three dimensional flow and mass transfer analysis of a second grade fluid in a porous channel with a lower stretching wall
  12. An efficient computer based wavelets approximation method to solve Fuzzy boundary value differential equations
  13. A note on soliton solutions of Klein-Gordon-Zakharov equation by variational approach
  14. Analytical and numerical results of fractional differential-difference equations
  15. Heat and Mass Transfer of Thermophoretic MHD Flow of Powell–Eyring Fluid over a Vertical Stretching Sheet in the Presence of Chemical Reaction and Joule Heating
  16. Numerical Simulations for Solving Fuzzy Fractional Differential Equations by Max-Min Improved Euler Methods
  17. Radiation effect on boundary layer flow of an Eyring–Powell fluid over an exponentially shrinking sheet
  18. Analytic Approximate Solutions and Numerical Results for Stagnation Point Flow of Jeffrey Fluid Towards an Off-Centered Rotating Disk
  19. Effects of chemical reaction and magnetic field on a couple stress fluid over a non-linearly stretching sheet