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  1. How to make the chemical industry more sustainable
  2. Evaluating the economic and environmental impacts of road pavement using an integrated local sensitivity model
  3. Renewable butadiene: A case for hybrid processing via bio- and chemo-catalysis
  4. Planet compatible pathways for transitioning the chemical industry
  5. Planet compatible pathways for transitioning the chemical industry
  6. Wind Turbine Blades Using Recycled Carbon Fibers: An Environmental Assessment
  7. Wind turbine blade wastes and the environmental impacts in Canada
  8. Bioethanol from autoclaved municipal solid waste: Assessment of environmental and financial viability under policy contexts
  9. Enzyme digestion of biofiber from mechanical heat treated municipal solid waste: Accessing kinetic and rheological design data using a pilot-scale high-solids mixer
  10. From aviation to aviation: Environmental and financial viability of closed-loop recycling of carbon fibre composite
  11. Life cycle assessment of lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxide (NCM) batteries for electric passenger vehicles
  12. Energy assessment and economic sensitivity analysis of a grid-connected photovoltaic system
  13. Challenges in Quantifying Greenhouse Gas Impacts of Waste-Based Biofuels in EU and US Biofuel Policies: Case Study of Butanol and Ethanol Production from Municipal Solid Waste
  14. Life cycle energy use and greenhouse gas emission of lightweight vehicle – A body-in-white design
  15. Process simulation and life cycle assessment of converting autoclaved municipal solid waste into butanol and ethanol as transport fuels
  16. Wind turbine blade end-of-life options: An eco-audit comparison
  17. Techno-economic evaluation of multiple energy piles for a ground-coupled heat pump system
  18. Comparing Life Cycle Energy and Global Warming Potential of Carbon Fiber Composite Recycling Technologies and Waste Management Options
  19. An assessment of financial viability of recycled carbon fibre in automotive applications
  20. Environmental Aspects of Use of Recycled Carbon Fiber Composites in Automotive Applications
  21. Energy and environmental assessment and reuse of fluidised bed recycled carbon fibres