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  1. Iron Acquisition in Bacillus cereus: The Roles of IlsA and Bacillibactin in Exogenous Ferritin Iron Mobilization
  2. The antimalarial drug atovaquone binds to saposin B with comparable affinity to coenzyme Q10
  3. Iron release from ferritin by flavin nucleotides
  4. Transferrins: Molecular mechanisms of iron transport and disorders
  5. The thermodynamic and binding properties of the transferrins as studied by isothermal titration calorimetry
  6. Does Iron Release from Transferrin Involve a Reductive Process?
  7. Oxygen catalyzed mobilization of iron from ferritin by iron(iii) chelate ligands
  8. Special issue on ferritin
  9. The iron redox and hydrolysis chemistry of the ferritins
  10. Spin concentration measurements of high-spin (g′ = 4.3) rhombic iron(III) ions in biological samples: theory and application
  11. Iron-binding properties of plant phenolics and cranberry's bio-effects
  12. Quenching of superoxide radicals by green fluorescent protein
  13. Thermodynamic Analysis of Ferrous Ion Binding toEscherichia coliFerritin EcFtnA
  14. Iron Binding and Oxidation Kinetics in Frataxin CyaY of Escherichia coli
  15. The Putative “Nucleation Site” in Human H-Chain Ferritin Is Not Required for Mineralization of the Iron Core
  16. Multiple Pathways for Mineral Core Formation in Mammalian Apoferritin. The Role of Hydrogen Peroxide
  17. Ferrous Ion Binding to Recombinant Human H-Chain Ferritin. An Isothermal Titration Calorimetry Study
  18. Is Hydrogen Peroxide Produced during Iron(II) Oxidation in Mammalian Apoferritins?
  19. Transferrins: iron release from lactoferrin
  20. Transferrins, the mechanism of iron release by ovotransferrin
  21. Transferrins