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  1. Introduction to the special issue on the common sense model of self-regulation
  2. The relation of spouse illness representations to patient representations and coping behavior: A study in couples dealing with a newly diagnosed cancer
  3. Emotion regulation contributes to the well-being of patients with autoimmune diseases through illness-related emotions: A prospective study
  4. The Common Sense Model of Self-Regulation and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: integrating strategies to guide interventions for chronic illness
  5. Financial strain, dyadic coping, relationship satisfaction, and psychological distress: A dyadic mediation study in Greek couples
  6. The impact of mild cognitive impairment on the self-regulation process: A comparison study of persons with mild cognitive impairment and cognitively healthy older adults
  7. Patient and partner dispositional optimism as a long-term predictor of illness representations in autoimmune diseases
  8. Maladaptive health beliefs, illness-related self-regulation and the role of the information provided by physicians
  9. The role of core self-evaluations in the relationship between religious involvement and subjective well-being: a moderated mediation model