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  1. Saproxylic Beetle Community in the Expansion Site of a Megaproject and in the Surrounding Area in the Western Italian Alps
  2. Extrinsic and intrinsic factors affecting the activity budget of alpine marmots (Marmota marmota)
  3. Bat activity and evidence of bat migration at two high elevation passes in the Western Alps
  4. Wealth, water and wildlife: Landscape aridity intensifies the urban luxury effect
  5. The relationship between wealth and biodiversity: A test of the Luxury Effect on bird species richness in the developing world
  6. Behavioural responses to human disturbance in an alpine bird
  7. The effect of forest management on endangered insects assessed by radio-tracking: The case of the ground beetle Carabus olympiae in European beech Fagus sylvatica stands
  8. Management systems may affect the feeding ecology of great tits Parus major nesting in vineyards
  9. A spatially explicit definition of conservation priorities according to population resistance and resilience, species importance and level of threat in a changing climate
  10. Apparent Constant Adult Survival of a Sand Martin Riparia riparia Population in Relation to Climatic Variables
  11. Ski-piste revegetation promotes partial bird community recovery in the European Alps
  12. Alpine bird distributions along elevation gradients: the consistency of climate and habitat effects across geographic regions
  13. Organic versus conventional systems in viticulture: Comparative effects on spiders and carabids in vineyards and adjacent forests
  14. The Effects of Body Mass on Dung Removal Efficiency in Dung Beetles
  15. Assessing the sensitivity of alpine birds to potential future changes in habitat and climate to inform management strategies
  16. The winter roosting and diet of Black Grouse Tetrao tetrix in the north-western Italian Alps
  17. Erratum to: The dynamics of alternative male mating tactics in a population of Black Grouse Tetrao tetrix in the Italian Alps
  18. Multi-scalar analysis of bird communities in Monferrato Astigiano woodlands
  19. The Asti Atlas Project: preliminary results
  20. First Red-crested Pochard, Netta rufina, breeding in Piedmont
  21. The dynamics of alternative male mating tactics in a population of Black Grouse Tetrao tetrix in the Italian Alps
  22. Landscape changes caused by high altitude ski-pistes affect bird species richness and distribution in the Alps
  23. The altitudinal frontier in avian climate impact research
  24. Native oak retention as a key factor for the conservation of winter bird diversity in managed deciduous forests in northern Italy
  25. Assessing habitat/landscape predictors of bird diversity in managed deciduous forests: a seasonal and guild-based approach
  26. The impact of high-altitude ski-runs on alpine grassland bird communities
  27. Can forest management have season-dependent effects on bird diversity?
  28. Effects of logging and non-native tree proliferation on the birds overwintering in the upland forests of north-western Italy