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  1. Battery and solid oxide fuel cell materials
  2. Effect of Ga incorporation on the structure and Li ion conductivity of La3Zr2Li7O12
  3. Battery and solid oxide fuel cell materials
  4. The electrochemical insertion and safety properties of the low-cost Li-ion active material, Li2FeS2
  5. The rate characteristics of lithium iron sulfide
  6. Apatite germanates doped with tungsten: synthesis, structure, and conductivity
  7. Conducting solids
  8. Novel Aspects of the Conduction Mechanisms of Electrolytes Containing Tetrahedral Moieties
  9. Crystal chemistry and optimization of conductivity in 2A, 2M and 2H alkaline earth lanthanum germanate oxyapatite electrolyte polymorphs
  10. Strategies for the Optimisation of the Oxide Ion Conductivities of Apatite-Type Germanates
  11. Polysomatic apatites
  12. Raman spectroscopy studies of apatite-type germanate oxide ion conductors: correlation with interstitial oxide ion location and conduction
  13. Conducting solids
  14. Protonic defects and water incorporation in Si and Ge-based apatite ionic conductors
  15. Combined experimental and modelling studies of proton conducting La1−xBa1+xGaO4−x/2: proton location and dopant site selectivity
  16. Ambi-site substitution of Mn in lanthanum germanate apatites
  17. Synthesis and characterisation of iron tungstate anode materials
  18. Cation ordering in Li containing garnets: synthesis and structural characterisation of the tetragonal system, Li7La3Sn2O12
  19. Conducting solids
  20. An investigation of the high temperature reaction between the apatiteoxide ion conductor La9.33Si6O26and NH3
  21. Neutron diffraction structural study of the apatite-type oxide ion conductor, La8Y2Ge6O27: location of the interstitial oxide ion site
  22. Synthesis of Ga-doped Ge-based apatites: Effect of dopant and cell symmetry on oxide ion conductivity
  23. Synthesis and conductivities of the garnet-related Li ion conductors, Li5Ln3Sb2O12 (Ln=La, Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu)
  24. Investigation of the influence of oxygen content on the conductivities of Ba doped lanthanum germanate apatites
  25. A computational study of oxide ion migration and water incorporation in the cuspidine system, La4(Ti2O8)O2
  26. Synthesis of hexagonal lanthanum germanate apatites through site selective isovalent doping with yttrium
  27. Synthesis and characterisation of the garnet-related Li ion conductor, Li5Nd3Sb2O12
  28. Conducting solids
  29. Effect of oxygen content on the 29Si NMR, Raman spectra and oxide ion conductivity of the apatite series, La8+xSr2−x(SiO4)6O2+x/2
  30. Atomic-scale mechanistic features of oxide ion conduction in apatite-type germanates
  31. Cooperative mechanisms of fast-ion conduction in gallium-based oxides with tetrahedral moieties
  32. Structural studies of the proton conducting perovskite ‘La0.6Ba0.4ScO2.8’
  33. Investigation of the structural changes on Zn doping in the apatite-type oxide ion conductor La9.33Si6O26: A combined neutron diffraction and atomistic simulation study
  34. Neutron diffraction and atomistic simulation studies of Mg doped apatite-type oxide ion conductors
  35. Developing apatites for solid oxide fuel cells: insight into structural, transport and doping properties
  36. Conducting solids
  37. Structure and colour properties in the Egyptian Blue Family, M1−xM′xCuSi4O10, as a function of M, M′ where M, M′=Ca, Sr and Ba
  38. A comparison of the effect of rare earth vs Si site doping on the conductivities of apatite-type rare earth silicates
  39. Conducting solids
  40. Investigation of proton conduction in the tetragonal tungsten bronze niobates: A0.6(M,Nb)O3 (A=Sr, Ba; M=Mg, Ti)
  41. Investigation of proton conduction in La1−xBa1+xGaO4−x/2 and La1−xSr2+xGaO5−x/2
  42. Erratum to “Synthesis, properties and structure of ion exchanged hydrosodalite”[J. Solid State Chem. 177 (2004) 1513–1519]
  43. Synthesis and characterisation of the perovskite-related cuprate phases YSr2Cu2MO7+y(M = Co, Fe) for potential use as solid oxide fuel cell cathode materials
  44. Synthesis, properties and structure of ion exchanged hydrosodalite
  45. The effect of different precursors on the synthesis of ultramarine blue using a modified test furnace
  46. Comparison of Ion Exchanged Hydrosodalite Synthesised by Different Routes