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  1. Histological and Immunofluorescent Analysis of a Large Tributary of the Great Saphenous Vein Treated with a 1920 nm Endovenous Laser: Preliminary Findings
  2. Response to Pelvic venous reflux in male: Varicocele?
  3. Diagnosis of stenosis within the popliteal–femoral venous segment upon clinical presentation with a venous ulcer and subsequent successful treatment with venoplasty
  4. Anatomical abnormalities of the pelvic venous system and their implications for endovascular management of pelvic venous reflux
  5. No varicose vein is too large to be treated by endovenous laser ablation - the Smile Sign
  6. Leg varicose veins can come from pelvic varicose veins in 3% of men
  7. Suprapubic varicose vein formation during pregnancy following pre-pregnancy pelvic vein embolisation with coils, without any residual pelvic venous reflux or obstruction
  8. New varicose vein surgery now proved effective and popular over 15 years
  9. Implication of foam sclerosant inactivation by human whole blood in a laboratory setting
  10. Male Patterns of Pelvic Venous Reflux can be Investigated with Duplex Ultrasound and Treated with Coil Embolization