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  1. Are bio-economy dimensions new stream of the knowledge economy?
  2. The effect of TQM intention to implement on work performance in Oman’s Ministry of Justice
  3. Asia Pacific productivity development determinants
  4. Sacrococcygeal teratoma
  5. Hybrid conceptual framework for artificial immune system
  6. ETAOSD: Static dictionary-based transformation method for text compression
  7. Erosion enhanced corrosion and corrosion enhanced erosion of API X-70 pipeline steel
  8. Malaysia’s Food Manufacturing Industries Productivity Determinants
  9. ETAO: Symbol mapping transformation method for text compression
  10. Transgenic potato overexpressing Arabidopsis cytosolic AtDHAR1 showed higher tolerance to herbicide, drought and salt stresses
  11. Water allocation and optimization of minor canal operation
  12. Fretting fatigue crack initiation: An experimental and theoretical study
  13. Percutaneous transmitral balloon commissurotomy (PTMC): Procedural success and immediate results at Ahmed Gasim Cardiac Center
  14. Closure to “ Electronic Theodolites: Comparison Test ” by Abdalla Elsadig Ali (February, 1991, Vol. 117, No. 1)