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  1. Engage Anzaldúa's 'nepantla' and 'nepantlerismo' to understand and address STEM underrepresentation
  2. After school intervention for Latinx immigrant youth
  3. How Latina/o youth envision their contributions to their communities
  4. Discrimination and Other Education Barriers, School Connectedness, and Thoughts of Dropping Out Among Latina/o Students
  5. Advances in the Conceptualization and Measurement of Critical Consciousness
  6. Measure of Critical Consciousness
  7. Application of the Future Expectation Scale for Adolescents (FESA) in Brazil
  8. Sociodemographic differences in parental satisfaction with an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis
  9. Measuring help-seeking behaviors: Factor structure, reliability, and validity among youth with disabilities
  10. Vocational Psychology, Offenders and Ex-Offenders, and Social Justice
  11. Contributions of Social Status and Family Support to College Students’ Career Decision Self-Efficacy and Outcome Expectations
  12. ¡Apóyenos! Latina/o Student Recommendations for High School Supports
  13. ¿Y ahora qué? Anticipated immigration status barriers and Latina/o high school students’ future expectations.
  14. Peer Associations and Coping
  15. International Group Counseling
  16. Critical Perspectives on Adolescent Vocational Guidance in Chile
  17. A Cross-Cultural Assessment of School Connectedness: Testing Measurement Invariance With United States and Chilean Adolescents
  18. Measuring Perceived Teacher Support and Its Influence on Adolescent Career Development
  19. Transgender Identities and Gender Variance in Vocational Psychology
  20. Adolescent Future Expectations of Work, Education, Family, and Community Development of a New Measure
  21. Evaluation of Computer-Assisted Career Guidance in Middle and Secondary Education Settings: Status, Obstacles, and Suggestions
  22. Perceived Barriers and Postsecondary Plans in Mexican American and White Adolescents
  23. Rural Appalachian Youth’s Vocational/Educational Postsecondary Aspirations
  24. An experimental examination of two career interventions for battered women.
  25. An Emancipatory Communitarian Approach to Vocational Development Theory, Research, and Practice
  26. Annunciation
  27. Self-Efficacy and Vocational Outcome Expectations for Adolescents of Lower Socioeconomic Status: A Pilot Study
  28. Ethnic Differences in Career Supports and Barriers for Battered Women: a Pilot Study
  29. The effects of high school career education on social-cognitive variables.
  30. A decision-making model applied to career counseling
  31. Couples Helping Couples: Consultation and Training in Peñalolén, Chile