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  1. a new dysarthria treatment
  2. Semantic priming in anomic aphasia: a focused investigation using cross-modal methodology
  3. Is More Intensive Better? Client and Service Provider Outcomes for Intensive Versus Standard Therapy Schedules for Functional Voice Disorders
  4. Feasibility and cost analysis of implementing high intensity aphasia clinics within a sub-acute setting
  5. Aphasia LIFT: Exploratory investigation of an intensive comprehensive aphasia programme
  6. Intensive Speech Restructuring Treatment for School-Age Children
  7. Communication Attitude Test for Preschool and Kindergarten Children who Stutter (KiddyCAT)
  8. Blocks and Repetitions in Stuttering and its Treatment
  9. Searching for the Trace: The Influence of Age, Lexical Activation and Working Memory on Sentence Processing
  10. Temporal constraints on summation of activation in Broca’s aphasia: Evidence from a triplet-priming task
  11. Demystifying Stuttering Lore