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  1. Air Space Distension Precedes Spontaneous Fibrotic Remodeling and Impaired Cholesterol Metabolism in the Absence of Surfactant Protein C
  2. Surfactant Protein B Deficiency Induced High Surface Tension: Relationship between Alveolar Micromechanics, Alveolar Fluid Properties and Alveolar Epithelial Cell Injury
  3. Flow cytometric analysis of the leukocyte landscape during bleomycin-induced lung injury and fibrosis in the rat
  4. Voluntary Activity Modulates Sugar-Induced Elastic Fiber Remodeling in the Alveolar Region of the Mouse Lung
  5. Voluntary Activity Modulates Sugar-Induced Mechanical and Structural Changes of the Lung
  6. Surfactant dysfunction and alveolar collapse are linked with fibrotic septal wall remodeling in the TGF-β1-induced mouse model of pulmonary fibrosis
  7. How alveoli (small balloon-like air spaces) behave during lung injury
  8. Lung surfactant metabolism: early in life, early in disease and target in cell therapy