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  1. Soft computing techniques for prediction of forest fire occurrence in Brunei Darussalam
  2. Chemical stabilisation of sandstone road aggregate layers: A literature review
  3. The relationship between strength properties of stabilised sandstone road sub-base
  4. The optimal use of crumb rubber in hot-mix asphalt by dry process: A laboratory investigation using Marshall mix design
  5. A comparative experimental investigation into the chemical stabilisation of sandstone aggregates using cement and styrene-butadiene copolymer latex for road sub-base construction
  6. Testing the Strengths of Sandstone Aggregates Stabilized with Cement and Styrene–Butadiene Latex Copolymer for Road Subbase Applications
  7. A novel spatial analysis method to evaluate the safety impact of alternate road lighting
  8. A laboratory investigation of the compaction properties of road sub-base stabilised with cement and latex copolymer.
  9. A review of chemical stabilisation in road construction
  10. The study of the effect of fault transmissibility on the reservoir production using reservoir simulation—Cornea Field, Western Australia
  11. Can we validate GIS hotspot analysis methods of road traffic accidents?
  12. An Investigation into the Impact of Alternate Road Lighting on Road Traffic Accident Hotspots Using Spatial Analysis
  13. Development of a Road Illumination Measurement System
  14. Compaction and Strength Properties of Road Subbase Infused with a Latex Copolymer
  15. Evaluation of various GIS-based methods for the analysis of road traffic accident hotspot
  16. Risk assessment for forest fire in Brunei Darussalam
  17. A review of transport demand modelling for the school run in Brunei Darussalam
  18. GIS-based forest fire risk assessment for the Belait district
  19. Hydrodynamics modelling of a river with mangrove forests
  20. Statistical Correlation between Road Surface Roughness and Traffic Accidents
  21. Forest Fire Risk Assessment and Management using Hotspot and Network Analyses in GIS.
  22. A Novel Approach for Identification and Ranking of Road Traffic Accident Hotspots
  23. A Mathematical Approach to Enhance the Performance of Air Pollution Models
  24. Rides for Rewards (R4R): A Mobile Application to Sustain an Incentive Scheme for Public Bus Transport
  25. 3D Visualization of Traffic-Induced Air Pollution Impacts of Urban Transport Schemes